Biogetica homeopathic combinations represent the state of the art in advanced resonance homeopathy.  Our groundbreaking work in the field of bio-energetic medicine has led us to now become holders of one of the largest nosode and sarcode bank on the planet.  These are homeopathic products that few other homeopaths have access too.  Homeopathy is essentially informational medicine.  The information of a certain substance is supplied to the body and the body then reacts to this information.  Nosodes contain energetic imprints and information on pathogens.  Homeopaths believe that administering nosodes coaxes an immune reaction specific to the pathogen. Sarcodes contain energetic imprints and information on ideal states. Homeopaths believe that administering sarcodes reminds the body of an archetypical process and causes it to come into resonance with this ideal state.

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