Resonance Homeopathics-


provide vibrational messages to the body to remind it of its optimal, healthy functions. It is believed by homeopaths that these advanced homeopathic remedies bring the body back into resonance with optimal function.  Resonance homeopathy has evolved from the convergence of homeopathy and western medicine and it represents a state of the art approach to bio-energetic medicine. Biogetica Resonance homeopathic remedies include a wide range of sarcodes and nosodes and biogetica is now known as the largest sarcode and nosode bank on planet earth.  Sarcodes are energetic imprints of optimal function, such as pancreatic beta cells, Insu or progesterone.  These are functions supported by the informational matrix of life, that is supporting all that is alive.  These sarcode imprints are believed to serve as a daily reminder to the body to start aligning with the sarcode it was given.  Nosodes are energetic imprints of pathogens such as the herpes virus or candida.  They are believed to stimulate a specific immune response to the pathogen and help the bodies immune system overcome it.  Any person still sceptical about homeopathy needs to educate themselves better with our latest clinical trials done for Assist and herpes nosodes. Assist a resonance homeopathic remedy demonstrated an average weight loss of 20 lbs a month amongst US participants and the herpes nosode benefited 82% of people that took it for 6 months for a period of 5 years thereafter. No placebo can do that. This is informational and bio-energetic medicine at its best and we are proud of being global leaders in the space.