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Depression …………………………………………………………………………………… 69
Dermatitis / Eczema………………………………………………………………………………………. 71
Diarrhea ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… 75
Digestive Disorders ……………………………………………………………………………………….. 77
Dysmenorrhea………………………………………………………………………………………………. 79

BioActive Botanicals
. Dandiplex Stimulates cleansing of the liver; provides choline, betaine, and vitamin A for detox
Gingerplex I Stimulates the pancreas; improves low blood sugar
. Gotaplex Stimulates nutrient and oxygen uptake by brain cells
Minaplex Provides 72 trace minerals
Universalplex Spring tonic; provides calcium, magnesium, potassium, and trace minerals as well as niacin and B vitamins St. John’s Wort Capsules Serotonin re-uptake inhibitor; helps to elevate serotonin levels
Valeriplex Contains valerian root and hops, useful to calm the nervous system
BioActive Homeopathic Combinations
Depressoforce Improves mental outlook; decreases depressed feeling
BioActive Homeopathic Endocrine Tinctures
. Cerebraplex Enhances brain function; cerebral circulation, oxygenation and nutrient uptake to brain cells
Hypothalmaplex Stimulates improved function of the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands
BioActive Homeopathic HP Formulas
Mentox-HP For relief of symptoms due to mental confusion, forgetfulness, and a tendency toward depression
BioActive Homeopathic Phenolic Isodes
Dopamine Neurotransmitter; helpful in long-standing anxiety and/or depression
L-Dopa Neurotransmitter, helpful in long-standing anxiety and/or depression
. Serotonin 4X Neurotransmitter in the brain; helpful in depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders
Tryptophan 4X Precursor to serotonin; antidepressant effect
BioActive Nutritionals
Bio-Metabolic Balancer Provides B 6 , niacin, B 12 , folic acid, and thiamine, all of which
coenzyme enhanced are needed to reverse depression
Sero Nutrients Contains B vitamins, St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo and P5P which enhance the brain’s ability to increase and normalize serotonin levels
Pregnenolone 25 mg Improves memory and helps to counter depression
DHEA 50 mg Studies have shown that memory improves; immune function improves, and depression is relieved
Sublingual Increases B 12 , folate levels in the blood, relieving depression
B 12 /Folic Acid when these levels are detected low
Vaso B 6 Plus Provides B 6 , niacin, tyrosine and natural relaxants which help relieve depression by increasing serotonin levels
Bio-Thyro Balance Stimulates thyroid to increase production of thyroxine; relieves depression when hypothyroidism is the cause
Notes :
Depression can be symptom of nutrition or toxin-based problem. Can be dealt with homeopathically (See appendix D. “Hering’s Law”)
1. Cleanse liver:
2 Clear out blood sugar problems:
Gingerplex 1
3.   Improve brain nutrition and function
Sero Nutrients
BMB Coenzyme Enhanced
Bio-Thyro Balance
4.   Trace minerals deficiency:
Minaplex or
Check hypothalamus point (notch on top of ear at skull)

BioActive Botanicals
Burdockplex Contains bitter glycosides, which stimulate and improve digestion; provides burdock, which is useful in all types of skin conditions
BioActive Homeopathic Combinations
Drainage Stimulates lymphatic drainage; purifies the blood
.   Eczemaforce Provides graphites, lappa artica, trifolium, and mozereum, all of which stimulate healing of skin
BioActive Homeopathic Detoxifiers
. Colotox Stimulates release and detox of indoles and skatoles from the intestinal lining
Hepatotox Stimulates detox of liver from chemical toxicity
BioActive Homeopathic Endocrine Tinctures
Immunoplex Stimulates thymus gland, lymph and spleen for stronger immune function
Lymphoplex Stimulates lymph and spleen drainage
BioActive Homeopathic HP Formulas
Eczema-HP Useful in chronic eczema
LGB-HP For chronic liver and gall bladder dysfunction
BioActive Homeopathic Phenolic Isodes
Cinnamic Acid Abundant in pines, furs, grasses, fruits – helps to decongest lymphatics and stimulate healing in eczema
BioActive Nutritionals
Bio-Metabolic Balancer Provides lipotropic B vitamins for detox of the liver
Bio-Evening Primrose Oil Provides essential fatty acids for skin conditions
Notes :
Overall strategy: Eliminate toxins that the skin is attempting to excrete.
1. Liver detox:
deeper cleanse
2.   Colon detox:
3.   Stimulate Immune System and drain lymphatics:
Drainage: accelerates drainage

BioActive Botanicals
Bilberryplex Bilberry contains 7% tannic acid and a blue pigment (mystellin), which retards bacterial growth, thus alleviating dysentery
Black Radish Stimulates healing of intestinal lining; improves ileocecal valve; improves bile flow in liver and gall bladder
.   Elderplex II Contains slippery elm which contains tannin, which rids the intestine of abnormal bacteria; contains mucilage, which lubricates and relieves GI irritation
Rheumplex Provides rhubarb which contains tannin which eliminates dysentery
BioActive Homeopathic Combinations
Colic Contains lycopodium, chelidonium, nux vomica, and hydrastis, all of which help to decrease flatulence, improve liver function, and decrease colic in the abdomen; relaxes, cleanses, and soothes liver and intestinal tract
Intestaforce Contains comfrey, cayenne, fennel, and marshmallow, which provide a soothing, healing effect to the intestinal lining
BioActive Homeopathic Detoxifiers
BAC Stimulates Immune System against various strains of bacteria
Colotox Stimulates release and detox of indoles and skatoles from the intestinal lining
FNG Stimulates detox of molds and fungi
BioActive Homeopathic Phenolic Isodes
Phenyl Isothiocyanate Promotes normalization of peristalsis of intestines and eliminates dysentery
BioActive Nutritionals
. Bio-Colotox Cleansing effect on the colon; absorbs colon toxins; promotes normal flora and pH regulation
Bio-Digeszyme P Contains plant enzymes which decrease inflammation and increase assimilation
Notes :
1. For intestinal dysentery:
2. If candida involvement;
3. If diarrhea is bacterial (i.e. food poisoning, but not viral flu):
4. If viral:
Flu Tonic

BioActive Botanicals
Condurango Contains glycosides and tannin, which stimulate the appetite; soothes irritation and relaxes stomach nerves
Condurangoplex Healing and soothing to stomach and GI tract; acts against dysbiosis or abnormal gut flora
Dandiplex Stimulates bile flow, cleansing and detox of the liver, biliary tree and gall bladder
. Elderplex I Stimulates the stomach to produce HCl
Elderplex II Provides licorice, slippery elm, and marshmallow which have a soothing, healing effect on GI tract
Artemisiaplex Contains black walnut, wormwood, pumpkin seeds and papaya which are botanicals that remove parasites from the intestinal tract
BioActive Homeopathic Combinations
Hepatoforce Stimulates drainage of liver, biliary system, and gall bladder
Pancreaforce Stimulates pancreas to improve function; useful in inflamed pancreas
BioActive Homeopathic Detoxifiers
Amoebatox Stimulates detox of the digestive tract and lymphatic system from amoebic toxin
Vermex Stimulates detox of various parasites from the GI tract
BioActive Homeopathic Endocrine Tinctures
Pancreaplex Stimulates endocrine glands; aids in hypoglycemia
BioActive Homeopathic HP Formulas
LGB-HP For chronic liver and gall bladder dysfunction
BioActive Homeopathic Phenolic Isodes
Coumarin Useful in improving digestive problems and chronic fatigue
Indole Useful in bloating, constipation, sinus congestion, and chronic fatigue
BioActive Nutritionals
Bio Metabolic Balancer Contains betaine, HCl, bromelain, and papaya, all of which improve assimilation in the GI tract
. Bio-Colotox Contains bentonite, greens from spirulina, chorella, barley grass, wheat sprouts, and acidophilus and bifida organisms; it absorbs toxic metabolites form the colon, changes the pH and begins to reinstate bacterial flora
Bio-Digeszyme P Contains bromelain, papaya, amylase, protease, and lipase plant derived enzymes which are pH adjusted so that they can act the entire length of the intestinal tract; this will enhance the breakdown of protein, carbohydrates and fats
Bio-Colostrum Provides immunoglobulins, thymic factor, antibacterial factors, fungal factors, and many growth repair factors
Saccharomyces Boulardii Probiotic which is friendly bacteria beneficial for inhibiting abnormal bacterial or fungal flora in the intestines
Bio-HCl Contains HCl, pepsin and pancreatine 8X for enhancing digesting and assimilation
Notes :
1.   If inflammation in stomach:
Elderplex II
2.   If parasite involvement detected:
Amoebatox: Amoeba or giardia
Vermex: General vermifuge
3. To support liver/gall bladder:
4.   Improve pancreatic function:
Pancreaforce or
Bio-Metabolic Balancer

BioActive Botanicals
Boroplex Provides EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) and GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid) supplies cholesterol precursors for adrenals and ovaries to produce hormones
Cohoshplex II Stimulates improved ovarian function through natural estrogen in herbs; relaxes smooth muscle; provides squaw vine and false unicorn which cause relaxation of the smooth muscle tissue, acting as an antispasmodic
Valeriplex Relaxes smooth muscle tissue
BioActive Homeopathic Combinations
Colic Causes relaxation of smooth muscle tissue
. Relaxoforce Causes relaxation of smooth muscle tissue, such as uterine muscles
BioActive Homeopathic HP Formulas
ANX-HP For relief of chronic anxiety and nervousness
PMS-HP For relief of chronic symptoms including headache, irritability, and nervousness at the onset of menses
BioActive Homeopathic Phenolic Isodes
Apiol Helpful in painful muscle spasms
Progesterone 4X Phenolic that provides an antispasmodic effect
BioActive Homeopathic Hormones
Natural Progesterone Provices natural Progesterone in a sublingual spray; has an antispasmodic effect
BioActive Nutritionals
Bio-Metabolic Balancer Provides nutritional support (vitamins, minerals, proteins, and plant sterols) which support all of theendocrine glands
Dios Creme Provides natural progesterone which has an antispasmodic effect
Notes :
1. For additional aid in stopping abdominal cramping:
2. For stopping cramps in last 2 weeks of cycle:
Progesterone 4X
Dios Creme


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