BONE I - a mixture to strengthen bone mass which weakens when calcium is low in the body.

CALC FLUOR - If lacking, caries, necrosis, and tumours occur.

CALC PHOS - Bone diseases, teeth decay. Most necessary for healthy calcium content in body.

KALI PHOS - When calcium is low the mind is disturbed due to lack of calcium in the nervous system. Anxiety and nervous dread. Brain fag, hysteria, loss of memory.

PARATHYROID - Balances the phosphorus/calcium content in the blood.


All these are remedies working on Calcium imbalance.

1. Use in the treatment of all aged patients, plus BACK UP MIX, as background remedies.
2. Give to all those on the "pill" or on any hormone treatment.
3. Give to women at menopause.
4. As a tonic for children it is wonderful to strengthen the skeleton, with COMBINATION 12.
5. In fact all children who have had vaccinations and immunisations should be given a course of this remedy.
6. Expectant mothers - it is a must during the entire nine months.
7. Going further back, before conception both prospective parents should prepare themselves and this would be one of the important remedies.
8. A new-born baby in the first few months, to prepare the body for the onslaught of immunisations.
9. Accident and injury cases.
10. For all cancer patients it is a must.

DOSAGE Dosage for all ages is the same: 2 pills three times a day over a long period. For babies, 5 to 8 pills can be dissolved in a cup of water and given in a teaspoon doses three times daily, or five pills may be put in the bottle of juice or water.


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