C96 Geopathic STRease Formula

This is a specific preparation to heal physical stress that is caused by a change in geographical location and its environmental influences.* Stress is very common in people who change their location for residential or work purposes. People with sensitive constitutions tend to react adversely to altered surroundings and experience many undesirable effects like an inexplicable feeling of weakness with changes in sleep and bowel habits. A temporary drop in the immune status is usually observed in these cases, which can be easily tackled using this formula.


Iodium 4x; Agave Americana 6x; Cuprum Metallicum 6x, 12x, 30x; Phosphorus 18x; Earth Magnetic 30x, 100x; Cosmic Ray 30x, 100x; Pathogenic Radiation 30x, 100x; Corallium Rubrum 1000x.


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