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Biocative’s Spagyric Process

Spagyric Method The basic theory and process of the Spagyric Method is three-fold in nature. First, there is a separation step where the active principles, according to this system’s theory, are separated in crude form from the substance. These essentials, as they are called, appear in the form of three subgroups a clear volatile fraction, an oil fraction, and a mineral residue.

Secondly, there is a purification step where each fraction is subjected to purification methods within certain guidelines, based on the nature of the particular fraction. The purification methods generally involve distillation, calcinations, sublimation, and recrystallization. Spagyric processing releases all the principles of the herb (oil soluble, water soluble non-mineral, and mineral) allowing for full utilization of the herb by a system unable to fully process herbs because of lack of enzymes or other real function. The Spagyric product contains all of the mineral in the herb which cannot be obtained by any other system, processing, or digestion.

Once these essential active fractions have been separated and purified, the third and final step in the Spagyric Method is that of recombining the three fractions as one substance again. Since Spagyric products are derived from all natural sources (herbs and minerals), one major dispute is the determination of what exactly is essential in the substance and of therapeutic value. In the medical profession, there are those who use the whole crude herb, those who use only a tincture or extract from the herb, and those who prefer to use only the mineral components of the substance. The unique approach of the Spagyric practitioners is grounded in ancient concepts of matter and life which serve as the basis of the whole method. Only certain key ideas can be outlined here to show why Spagyric preparations are made as they are.

We feel it is important to inform interested persons of our purpose for each product formulation. Our product line was formulated for today’s health conscious person. The following data is meant to be for the purpose of education only, not to recommend or prescribe any product for the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of any unhealthy condition.

The procedure of processing entitled “Spagyric” activates the nutritional properties within the herbal substance. When any nutrient is activated, a process is necessary to convert the substance into a nutritionally active supplement. In the case of herbs, the present primary focus of BioActive Botanicals is to convert the enzyme activity from plant photosynthesis to human biosynthesis. Spagyric processing releases all the principles of the herb (oil soluble, water soluble non-mineral and mineral) allowing for full utilization of the herb by a system unable to fully process herbs because of lack of enzymes or other malfunction. The Spagyric product contains all of the mineral in the herb which cannot be obtained by any other system, processing, or digestion.

Herbs have been known to be medicinal since Biblical times. In fact, most of today’s pharmaceutical products are synthetic chemicals which were originally herbal extracts. Herbal usage to this date has been based on folklore. Nothing is more important than our ancestors’ input in our health care. Today’s physical problems, however, are fare more complicated than yesterday’s. Therefore, a more advanced form of personal care is required.

3. The Spagyric line is designed to work with today’s health needs. We must concentrate on cause and not effect. The formulas have been manufactured and developed by a clinical pharmacist, naturopath, and an M.D., and have been clinically tested prior to being released for marketing.

Phytotherapy Phytotherapy is the science of using herbal products as nutritional supplementation. It therefore covers everything from plants with powerful actions to those with very gentle action, such as chamomile, mint, and many others. The term “Phytotherapy” was introduced by the French physician Henri Leclerc (1870-1955). He had published numerous essays on the use of plants, most of them in La Presse Medicate, a Leading French journal. He summed up his lifetime experience in Precis de Phytotherapie, a concise work that has since become a classic.

Herbs have come a long way since the days of ancient ‘herbalism.’ The study of the use of plants is now a scientific subject. Knowledge of plants and their uses has been recorded from antiquity – by Imhotep, the priest and physician of ancient Egypt who devised the Step Pyramid of Sakkara. Other great men to study and record their research of plants and herbs include: Galen, a personal physician to the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, and later by Parcelsus, the Abbess Hildegard of Bingen, and the authors of the great herbals of medieval times, right to the present day.

The rise of chemistry, development of numerous synthetic chemicals, and the possibilities opened up by experimental pharmacology have caused herbal knowledge and research to be neglected. A new climate was created by methods evolved on the basis of modern physiology, concerned predominantly with effects that were measurable under experimental conditions. In this framework it was difficult to know what to do with the plants. Chemical compounds could always be precisely analyzed, giving results in parts by weight of so many milligrams. In phytotheraphy this method on the whole applies only to plants with powerful actions – great difficulties arise in other aspects of plant chemistry, particularly with many of the plants with gentle actions such as chamomile, mint, and many others.

The term phytotherapy has come to be internationally accepted for herbal nutrition being clear and unmistakable. It was introduced into French medical literature by Leclerc, and was then also adopted in Germany to describe the use of herbs.

Phytochemists, pharmacists and pharmacologists are trained to consider the properties and actions of isolated medicinal principles traditionally referred to as ‘pharmaca.’ It was logical for them to refer to a plant constituent as a phytopharmacon. The terms ‘phytotherapeutic agent’ and ‘phytopharmacon’ therefore mean the same, simply taking another point of view.

4. The field of chemical synthesis made tremendous advances after the second world war. The result was that ‘simple’ herbal products came to be largely forgotten and considered old- fashioned. Only a limited number of pure principles extracted from plants still held their own.

The large field of herbs, their use based on long-standing experience, more or less fell by the wayside. These products, Leclerc’s phytotherapeutic agents, now came to be used only as part of folklore. Hardly any mention was made of them in schools.

Yet they survived and have begun to enjoy an important revival. One reason was that the constituents and active principles of various plants were being isolated and identified in plant chemistry. The data produced by these chemists confirmed empirical uses and could no longer be overlooked. Plants were gaining scientific recognition.

It must also be stressed that phytotherapy is not homeopathy . Homeopathy makes use of plant materials in fundamentally different ways from those of phytotherapy. The latter has taken some ideas from homeopathy , particularly since that discipline has traditionally made use of a whole number of plants which are not generally in medical use.

Spagyric Process In order to overcome the obstacles associated with chemistry and phytochemistry, BioActive has chosen the Spagyric Process for producing our botanical and homeopathic products.

The basic theory and process of the Spagyric Method is threefold in nature. First, there is a separation step where the active principles, according to this system’s theory, are separated in crude form from the substance. These essentials, as they are called, appear in the form of three subgroups:

1. A clear volatile function 2. An oil fraction 3. A mineral residue

Secondly, there is a purification step where each fraction is subjected to purification methods within certain guidelines. This is based on the nature of the particular fraction. The purification methods generally involve distillation, calcination, sublimation, and recrystallization. Spagyric processing releases all the principles of the herb (oil soluble, water soluble, non-mineral, and mineral) allowing for full utilization of the herb by a biological system unable to fully process herbs because of enzyme deficiency or other biochemical disorders. The Spagyric product contains all of the mineral in the herb which cannot be obtained by any other system, processing, or digestion. Each botanical formula is actually a combination of herbs, bundled together to create a synergistic effect.

5. The third and final step in the Spagyric method is that of recombining the three fractions as one substance again. The BioActive line and formulas have been developed by a clinical pharmacist, a PhD nutritionist, and an MD with an extensive background in Herbology and Homeopathy.

6. What is Homeopathy ? In the late 1700s, homeopathy emerged as a highly systematic medical science through the efforts of German physician Samuel Hahnemann. Prior to developing homeopathic science, Hahnemann had been an esteemed physician and chemist. He was the personal physician to members of the German royalty and the author of one of the most respected texts on chemistry in his day.

Hahnemann coined the Latin phrase similia similibus curentur (“let likes be cured with likes”) to describe his discovery that substances in small doses stimulate the organism to heal that which they cause in overdose. He termed the medical system based on this principle “homeopathy” from the Greek words homoios for “similar” and pathos for “suffering” or “disease.” This principle, most commonly known as the “law of similars,” states that any substance which can cause symptoms when given to healthy people can help to heal those who are experiencing similar symptoms.

Hahnemann’s observation that a substance can mimic symptoms helps cure a person revealed a revolutionary understanding of symptoms. Instead of assuming that symptoms represent illogical, improper, or unhealthy responses of the body and that they should be treated, controlled, and suppressed, Hahnemann learned that symptoms are positive, adaptive responses to the variety of stresses the body experiences. Symptoms represent the body’s best effort to heal itself. Hence, instead of suppressing symptoms, therapies should stimulate the body’s defenses to complete the curative process.

Symptoms are not the disease. Symptoms accompany disease. Symptoms are evidence of disease. But treating symptoms is like killing the messenger bringing bad news. In fact, by treating symptoms, you are suppressing the body’s natural responses and inhibiting the healing process.

As far back as 180 years ago, long before the term “holistic health” was coined, homeopaths recognized the inseparability of body and mind. Homeopaths have always stressed the importance of assessing the totality of the person, the physical and physiological.

Hahnemann began to experiment with the size of the dose to see how little medicine he could give to still cause a sustained healing response. After years of rigorous study he found a method of diluting substances that kept the toxic properties at a minimum while the potential to cure was magnified. He called this pharmaceutical process “potentization.”

Potentization is different from simple dilution. Homeopaths have found that the medicines do not work if they are simply diluted repeatedly without vigorous shaking or if they are just diluted in vast amounts of liquid;. Nor do the medicines work if they are only vigorously shaken. It is the combined process of dilution and vigorous shaking that makes the medicine effective, when the symptoms of the medicine are similar to those of the ill person.

7. Homeopathy uses natural substances from three realms of nature, animal, vegetable and mineral. Those homeopathic medicines which are made from herbs are precisely manufactured to potentized substances far beyond their herbal origins according to standards and procedures set forth in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. The homeopathic remedies made from animal and mineral sources are treated similarly so that they, too, are potentized beyond their regions.

HOMEOPATHY: The Philosophy

Man does not become sick in part. The whole of him becomes sick: body, mind, and spirit. The body will manifest symptoms in the illness, but the physical body is not the origin of the illness. At death, the physical body remains, but it is no longer curable. That which is curable has left the body. An imbalance in the vital force is the origin of the illness. The symptoms expressed by the body, the mind, and the spirit are simply the signposts telling of that imbalance. Homeopathic doctors used those symptoms to select a remedy especially for that person in his illness, but the remedy is a potentized substance having an energy force. That energy force acts on the vital force. Once the vital force returns to balance, the person heals himself.

Classical Homeopathy: Three Principles

Classical homeopathy has three principles or tenets. These principles are the rockbed of homeopathy. They have remained unchanged over the centuries, their truth continually redemonstrated through successful treatment of the sick.

The first principle or tenet is similia similibus curentur which is a Latin phrase meaning likes should cure likes. Each person shows symptoms of his body, mind and spirit when he is sick. Some of these symptoms are common to the particular sickness and some of them are unique to that individual. Thus, for the homeopathic remedy to be curative, the symptom picture of the remedy must be like that picture which the sick person shows.

The second principle of homeopathy is the single remedy. It would be quite impossible for one to know which ingredient was doing what to a sick person if that person were given a medicine which was a combination of ingredients. Therefore, the homeopathic doctor gives only one medicine at a time to the sick person. The doctor allows sufficient time to pass to observe the effects of that one medicine on the ill person.

The third principle of homeopathy is the minimum dose. Drugs given to people in material doses are frequently found to cause side effects or adverse reactions. To minimize this problem, the homeopathic doctor gives the smallest possible dose so as to maximize the beneficial effects and minimize the side effects of the medicine.

8. Combination or Complex Homeopathy

In Germany, towards the end of the nineteenth century, an increasing number of practitioners, both lay and medical, were using complex mixtures of low-potency preparations. It proved possible to make up mixtures which were organ targeted, i.e., would work on the pancreas or liver, or would be useful in particular illnesses such as rheumatism or tonsillitis. Gradually this approach, known as complex homeopathy, became the order of the day and the classical mold relying on detailed descriptions of single remedies (typified by the repertories of Boericke and Kent) became well and truly broken. The advent of EAV techniques accelerated this change, which until very recently has been confined to Germany. Slowly this approach to homeopathy is gaining popularity outside Germany. In many ways complex homeopathy has moved closer to herbal medicine where the use of specific herbs for particular organs or illnesses has been commonplace for centuries. To the average doctor this approach is more acceptable than having to learn complicated remedy descriptions, as it allows him to prescribe complex homeopathic mixtures in the same way as he would prescribe standard allopathic drugs. Increasing numbers of complex homeopathic guidebooks are becoming available in English, thereby making this approach more accessible to the English-speaking world.

There is a danger that the pendulum may swing too far away from classical homeopathy. Skillful high potency prescribing of single remedies still has an important part to play, and it is doubtful whether EAV techniques can replace clinical skill in the use of these preparations. It is to be hoped that as more practitioners begin to use complex homeopathy they will become interested in learning something of classical homeopathy. It will soon become apparent to the enquiring mind that great skill and care is required in handling this aspect of classical homeopathy. In many ways this ‘conventional’ form of homeopathy is difficult to practice successfully, particularly when tackling chronic disease, as the choice of the similimum is not easy. Results are much easier to obtain using complex homeopathy and therefore the complex approach is more attractive largely for this reason. Successful ‘single homeopaths’ are relatively uncommon as much skill ands long experience are required.

General Principles of Complex Homeopathy

In classical homeopathy the remedy ‘Belladonna’ contains a homeopathic potency of belladonna itself. A complex homeopathic preparation such as “headache” contains belladonna, Bryonia, Gelsenium, and Cimicifuga, all at low potency. Making a complex mixture as described has two effects: first it minimizes the occurrence of side effects that may occur by giving a single remedy like belladonna alone, and secondly it gives a preparation with a wider range of action than belladonna has alone. This means that it is more likely to produce a clinically useful result.

Complex homeopathy, like many natural healing methods, is largely a stimulatory technique and makes use of the patient’s powers of resistance (reticulo-endothelial system) and detoxification system termed by Dr. Hans Henrich Recheweg as the “Greater Defense System” in his book Homotoxicology. When dealing with an extremely toxic patient who is exhausted and has chronic fatigue it is wise to combine nutritional support, phytotherapy, and complex homeopathy in an approach to improve the patient’s powers of resistance anddetoxification capacity. The decision as to which combination of products to select for the Chronic Fatigue Patient may be.

9. derived from experience or through selection by kinesiology or EAV/Vega test/Interro techniques.

A number of remedies are given together in nearly all cases treated using complex homeopathy. This is because illness does not exist in isolation so therefore it is not sensible to treat, for example, the liver on its own; the related organs such as the pancreas and colon must also be treated at the same time. As a result a combination of remedies is the order of the day.

BioActive Nutritional Homeopathic Combinations BioActive Nutritional has a number of different types of complex homeopathic remedies. These are listed as follows in various categories:

BioActive Nutritional Homeopathic Combinations

The Homeopathic Detoxifiers are designed to cover a broad range of toxins which have accumulated from pollution of our environment (air, water and soil). The environmental pollutants overload the body’s detoxification system and cause a lowered immune function. The detoxifiers should be used with more caution on the more seriously ill because they accelerate the release of cellular toxins into the extracellular fluid and lymphatic spaces. Each combination has its own drainage and immune enhancement remedies added to help expedite the ability of the body to rid itself of toxins once they have been released.

BioActive Homeopathic Endocrine Tinctures

The BioActive Endocrine Tinctures help supply stimulation to the various endocrine glands and/or organs of the body to improve their function. They also supply drainage of the gland or organ.

BioActive Homeopathic Combinations

These complex remedies are designed to cleanse the various areas of the body in a more gentle fashion without the immediate release of cellular toxins. There are a variety of remedies for the practitioner to select from, which cover most of the common ailments facing the Practitioner in his practice.

BioActive Homeopathic Candida Albicans

These are various potencies of the Candida Albicans organism which are used to stimulate the body’s detoxification system and immune system against these particular organisms.

10. BioActive Homeopathic Miasms

These are complex constitutional remedies which cover the three main constitutional remedies of Samuel Hahnemann – Tuberculinum (Psorinum Complex), Syphillinum (Syphilinum Complex), and Medorrhinum (Sycosis Complex). These remedies are usually not employed in the beginning treatment program but may be used after several months of cleansing with the phytotherapy and other homeopathic combinations.

Homeo-Phyto-Nutritional Therapy Homeo-Phyto-Nutritional therapy is a descriptive term which has evolved from the need to merge three effective modalities of treatment therapies into a comprehensive program for optimum health. Homeopathic medicines work as remedies for conditions while nutritionals and botanicals lend further support.

Homeopathy has long been recognized by many physicians as one of the strongest forces in medicine. Nutritional Science was largely ignored until recent efforts have given it much deserved credibility. Nutritional Science now has much to offer, not only in prevention of illness, but in its treatment as well. The combining of these three powerful modalities can maximize the patient’s response.


Alternative health care is being sought by individuals for many reasons. Some seek to avoid the rising costs of traditional care, some the staggering side-effects associated with allopathic drugs. Others have become informed about the necessity to enhance the individual’s own immune system, which has been broken down by exposure to chemicals, antibiotics and other environmental toxins.


Homeopathy recognizes the patient as a whole, considering both the physical and psychological. When a disease or condition creates symptoms, homeopathy acknowledges them as the body’s attempt to be rid of the infection or imbalance. The use of minute amounts of natural substances which mimic the body’s symptoms stimulate the attempt to regain homeostasis, or balance. Where allopathic medicine merely suppresses symptoms, homeopathic medicines galvanize the patient’s immune system and support the natural healing process.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritionals supply the body’s need for micro and macro nutrients which are essential for glandular function, the enzyme system, immune resistance and all important bodily functions. When imbalances occur due to poor diet, illness or other conditions, nutritional balance must.

11. also be restored to achieve and maintain homeostasis. Spagyrically prepared phytotherapy (botanicals) supply additional needs to the body in micro and macro nutrients especially minerals and trace minerals which enhance enzyme systems. Additional factors such as glycosides, saponins, alkaloids, polysaccarides and flavonoids provide additional stimulation to the body’s detoxification and immune system. Thus, nutritionals and phytotherapy work to support natural function and balance in a manner which is complementary to homeopathic medicines.

12. Considering a Pattern with BioActive Botanicals Homeopathics & Nutritionals It is, at the same time, humbling and inspiring to realize that, in spite of our laser surgery, MRI testing, electron microscopes, and all of the other truly amazing techno-medical gadgetry of this century, it is still only the body that has the power to heal. The health care practitioner has the priviledge of gazing a little deeper into this bio-electro-mechanical marvel which achieves miracles with every breath. The greatest revolution in medicine will come when all health care practitioners realize their relatively humble role in coaxing the body toward health, and refute the role of “level everything in sight” druggists.

That is certainly not to say, however, that the role of the health care practitioner is insignificant. BioActive products aid the well-informed professional to powerfully reactivate the natural healing systems of the body, through nutritional supplements, herbal preparations, and homeopathic medicines. Each of these groups act on a different level.

A typical application of The BioActive Approach would include a variety of supplements, for example in the BioActive Nutritional Therapeutic Guide, under the heading “Arthritis,” some of the indicated preparations include:

1. At least 1 herbal remedy, such as Barleyplex, to provide alkaline ash minerals. 2. A BioActive Homeopathic Combination to stimulate immune response and repair, such as Rheumaforce to decrease inflammation of small joints and uric acid build-up in Gout related rheumatic pains. 3. A BioActive Homeopathic Detoxifier to stimulate release of toxins in the body, such as Amoebatox to stimulate release of toxins from digestive tract and lymphatic system due to giardia and various amoeba. 4. A BioActive Homeopathic Endocrine Tincture to stimulate the proper function and drainage of the endocrine system, such as Lymphoplex to stimulate drainage of the lymphatic system and spleen. 5. A BioActive Homeopathic HP (High Potency) Formula to stimulate repair in long- standing, or chronic, conditions, such as Arthritis-HP. 6. A BioActive Homeopathic Phenolic Isode to desensitize the body to common allergens, such as Malvin, to reduced inflammation associated with arthritis. 7. A BioActive Nutritional supplement, such as Bio-Metabolic Balancer, to provide nutritional precursors to PGE 1 , which counteracts inflammatory prostaglandins F 1 and F 2 , and to provide generalized nutritional support.

Typically, 3 to 6 preparations are found to be optimal in presenting a full spectrum of beneficial preparations. Use of kinesiological or electro-dermal screening (Voll / Vega or Avatar / Computron testing etc.) and other modalities are often used in determining the preparations of choice.

TEST KITS are available for Phenolics, Detoxifiers and General Practice.

13. Considerations When Utilizing Homeopathic Preparations Homeopathic medicines are largely herbal products in very dilute amounts which have very few, if any, side effects. The practitioner is ultimately responsible for consequences of using these preparations, and we strongly recommend that the concerned therapist pursue further education in homeopathic therapies through readings and seminars.

Homeopathic preparations are currently classified as OTC (Over-The-Counter) drugs. These preparations are not intended to be used for critical or life-threatening disease. Homeopathic preparations are formulated for the relief of most common ailments and may be used in conjunction with other modes of therapy.

Patients should be made aware that, while homeopathic medicines do not have side effects, a “proving” may occur. Provings are symptoms caused by the action of the homeopathic remedy and are, in general, mild in appearance. Provings may be determined by discontinuing the dosage. If symptoms abate within 24 hours, it is not likely that they were caused by the homeopathic remedy, and other causes should be investigated. Please refer to homeopathic literature for more detailed information on provings. Indications All BioActive Homeopathic products are listed with general indications for use. These indications are based on formulations which have paired ingredients with similar, compensating effects. This saves the practitioner the laborious process involved in selecting the correct remedy from an enormous number of symptoms listed in the Materia Medica.


BioActive Botanical and Homeopathic remedies may be tested and evaluated by several standard techniques or procedures.


Kinesiologic techniques are very effective in determining the clinical usefulness of the BioActive formulations. It may also be employed to monitor responsiveness during treatment.

Test Kit

A test kit of all BioActive Botanical and Homeopathic formulations are available upon request for kinesiologic procedures.

General Instructions for Use of Homeopathic Preparations The following applies to homeopathic preparations only, not to botanical or herbal preparations, which may be taken with water. The drops are usually given under the tongue. The dose should be allowed to remain in the mouth (under the tongue) for at least 30 seconds. For patients who are alcohol sensitive, place the drops in 2 ounces of warm to hot water and allow to sit for 10 to 15 minutes while alcohol evaporates.

1. Take nothing by mouth 10-15 minutes prior to or following dosage. This includes food, drink, cigarettes, chewing gum, toothpaste, etc. 2. No caffeine, in any form, including pop, coffee, tea, chocolate, etc. 3. No mint in any form, including candy mints, mint toothpaste, mint mouthwash, etc. 4. No camphor, such as in muscle and joint rubs. Avoid mothball fumes and other strong odors. 5. No dental drilling. 6. No breathing of strong smells, such as paint thinner, eucalyptus, or cigarette smoke. 7. Avoid raw garlic two hours before and after dose. 15

Homeopathic Reference Book Suppliers

Homeopathic Informational Resources, Ltd., Oneida River Park Drive, Clay, New York, 13041. 800-289-4447

Homeopathic Educational Services, 2124 Kitteredge Street, Berkeley, CA 94707, (cassette tapes, books, information)

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BioActive Botanicals Combinations of spagyrically prepared herbs, suspended in a preparation of 20% ethanol, and distilled water, in 1 ounce dropper bottles. Product Suggested Use

Apizelen Herbal Lymphatic drainage, Hodgkins etc., congested lymphs, fortifier for the blood, Complex liver, and immune system.

Artemisiplex Anti-parasite formula (smaller parasites), works well in conjunction with Amoebatox (homeopathic detoxifier) dyspepsia, cleanser of biliary system.

Barleyplex Fortifier for the blood of persons with arthritis, mineral deficiencies.

Bayberryplex Herbal diuretic.

Bilberryplex Fortifier for the eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration, etc.

Black Radish Fortifier for the ileo-cecal valve, colon, biliary tree and the gall bladder.

Boroplex Essential fatty acid complex, immune, inflammation, PMS, prostate, etc.

Burdockplex Anti-spasmotic, colic, dysmenorrhea, asthma, colitis, fortifier for the smooth muscles, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, liver and biliary tree.

Cascaraplex Laxative, biliary tree drainage, fortifier for the colon.

Cohoshplex I Fortifier for the female ovaries, hormonal balancer, PMS.

Cohoshplex II Fortifier for menopause, female hormonal system, hot flashes.

Collonsoniaplex Fortifier for the veins and portal circulation to the liver, hemorrhoids.

Com-plex Injury, sprains / strains, bruises and repair, fortifier for endurance, stamina.

Condurangoplex Leaky gut, dysbiosis, abnormal flora, healing and soothing to stomach and GI.

Cratagoplex I Congestive heart problems, angina, general heart tonic.

Cratagoplex II Arrhythmias, fortifier for the heart and electrical conduction systems through the heart, heavy metal chelation, laryngitis.

Dandiplex Fortifier, cleanser and detoxifier of the liver.

Echinaplex Fortifier for the immune system, and immune booster formula.

Elderplex I Stimulates production of HCL, settles and fortifies the stomach, cleanser for the stomach and intestines.

Elderplex II Ulcers, colitis, Crohn’s, fortifier for the stomach and small intestines, promotes healing of the mucosal lining. 17

Product Suggested Use Equistaplex Fortifier for the circulatory system in persons with atherosclerosis and hypertension, plaque reduction.

Genplex I Inflammation of gall bladder, cervicitis, etc., fortifier for the blood, general blood cleanser, detoxifier for entire system, liver and gall bladder cleanser.

Genplex II Hoxsey Formula. Fortifier for the blood, detoxification for the general system, blood purifier lymph cleanser, liver cleanser, and bowel cleanser.

Gingerplex I Reactive hypoglycemia, fortifier for the pancreas, liver, and adrenals.

Gingerplex II Fortifier for the pancreas and liver for persons with diabetes.

Ginkgoplex Fortifier for the circulatory system and cleanser of the circulatory system / systemic circulation enhancer, peripheral arteriosclerosis, circulation of lower extremities.

Ginkgo Stops platelet sticking, increases oxygen to tissues, memory, “brain food,” depression.

Gotaplex Any head injury, acute / chronic, increases oxygen to brain, fortifier for the brain and endocrine system, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, etc.

Hydrangeaplex Fortifier for the biliary tract and gall bladder and cleanser for the biliary tract and gall bladder, aids in prevention of gall stones, thins bile viscosity.

Hydrastisplex (4 oz.) Herbal douche.

Juniplex I Fortifier for the prostate gland, detoxifier of prostate gland.

Juniplex II Male hormonal balancer, increases libido.

Karzan Fortifier for the immune system, variety of digestive problems, cystitis, arthritis.

Kelplex Fortifier for the thyroid, increases metabolism.

Lapacho Anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, fortifier for the cell respiratory system and immune enhancer.

Lapachoplex Breast drainage, immune system fortifier, enhancement of cell respiration, gastritis.

Licroplex Fortifier for the adrenal glands, fatigue, lowered energy output, liver detox.

Minaplex Mineral tranquilizer, supplies trace minerals.

Mulleinplex Asthma, fortifier for the respiratory system, mucus remover, cleanser for the respiratory system, bronchial relaxer.

Myrrhplex Fortifier for sinus areas, detoxifier for sinus areas, inner ear, throat, and head and neck lymphatic drainage, inhaled allergies, bronchitis.

Nettleplex Blood fortifier and astringent, cystitis (bleeding), bladder, anemia .

Novaplex I Fortifier for persons with arthritis, rheumatism, and inflammatory arthritic conditions.

Novaplex II Fortifier for persons with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. 18

Product Suggested Use

Otalgaplex Ear drops, infections add to ½ olive oil. Orally – Eustachian tube clarification, also toothache, vermifuge (anti-parasitic). Passoplex Lowers blood pressure, relaxes vascular system.

Plantagoplex Fortifier for the respiratory system, detoxifier, mucus remover, cleanser for the respiratory system and support for pleuretic pain, pneumonia.

Propoloplex Anti-viral, fortifier for the immune system.

Rheumplex Mild laxative, dysentery, fortifier for the colon, detoxifier and cleanser for the colon.

Scrofularaplex Eli Jones 1850-1910 cancer tonic, fortifier for lymph, spleen, and liver.

Soliplex Fortifier for the kidneys, cleanser and detoxifier for the kidneys.

Trifoloplex Breast lymph cleanser, fortifier for the lymphatic system and spleen, cleanser of the lymphatic system and spleen, endocrine system balancer.

Ulmaplex Fortifier for the lungs, bronchial relaxer, asthma.

Universalplex Fortifier for the blood, general blood purifier, cleanser for the liver, spleen, and bowels.

Valeriplex Botanical tranquilizer and fortifier for the nervous system, detoxifier for the nervous system.

Vermaplex Fortifier of the colon and for parasite expulsion (larger parasites), works well in conjunction with Vermex (homeopathic detoxifier).

BioActive Herbs Single spagyrically prepared herbs in a base of 20% ethanol and distilled water, contained in 1-ounce dropper bottles. Product Suggested Use

Alfalfa Lowers cholesterol, arthritis, fortifier for the female endocrine system.

Carduus Marianus Milk Thistle (silymarin complex) fortifier and cleanser for the liver, gall bladder, and biliary system, increases glutathione in liver cells by 40%, alcoholism.

Chickweed Fortifier for the skin, eases constipation, obesity.

Condurango Fortifier for the stomach (gastritis), breast (boosts lymphatic drainage) and cell respiratory enhancer.

Product Suggested Use 19

Dandelion Gall bladder and liver decongestant, arthritis, diuretic, mild constipation and stomach ache, chronic inflammation and enlargement of the liver, high blood pressure, PMS.

Echinacea Anti-tumor, anti-viral, immunostimulant, herpes, influenza.

Gotu Kola Strengthens and energizes the brain, injuries to the head, sedative, venous hypertension, skin problems.

Jerusalem Artichoke Hypoglycemia to diabetes.

Lomatium Fortifier for the immune system, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Lapacho Fortifier for the cell respiratory system and immune enhancer.

Propolis Immunostimulant and support.

Saw Palmetto Prostatic hypertrophy , reduces testosterone, “natural estrogen .”

St. John’s Wort Anti-depressant, anxiety, insomnia, self-esteem, fortifier and soother of the nervous system, retrovirus.

Wheat Sprout Oxidative enzymes, anti-oxidant.

Wheat / Alfalfa Sprout Anti-oxidant with alkaline ash minerals (arthritis).

Wild Yam DHEA. Sex hormone precursors, adrenal insufficiencies, PMS fibrocystic breast, menopausal, loss of libido, etc.

BioActive Herbal Blends Special blends of spagyrically prepared herbal preparations, suspended in a base of 20% ethanol and distilled water, contained in 1-ounce dropper bottles. Product Suggested Use

German Burdock Blend ESSIAC formula (original and prepared spagyrically).

Mallow Blend Ringing and noises in ears / head, internal noise pollution, fortifier and soother for the respiratory system.

Pau d’Arco Blend Anti-Candida, anti-fungal, intestinal parasites. Fortifier for the immune system, antiviral and anti-bacterial properties.

Queen of the Meadow Lungs, mucus removal.

Red Clover Blend Anti-tumor, diarrhea, dysentery. 20

BioActive Homeopathic Detoxifiers Homeopathic complexes containing nosodes targeted at specific toxins. Uniquely designed for stimulation of the body’s Detoxification and Immune Defense System. Prepared in 1-ounce dropper bottles with 20% ethanol and distilled water. Use with drainage-enhancing preparations is strongly recommended to avoid rheumatic pains and other classical symptoms of rapid detoxification . TEST KIT AVAILABLE. Product Suggested Use

Adaptagen For temporary relief of tiredness, weakness, general fatigue, exhaustion, weakness of memory. Immune defense mechanism against stress.

Additox Stimulation of the body’s detoxification and immune defense metabolism against insecticides and pesticides.

Alcohol Liver detoxification against alcohol, acetaldehyde and formaldehyde. For temporary relief of loss of appetite, flatulence, dyspepsia, nausea, and craving of alcohol.

Allergen I For temporary relief of gastrointestinal dyspepsia with flatulence and bloating, loss of weight and intolerance of certain foods – food allergies. Desensitizing oral antigen.

Allergen II For temporary relief of sinus congestion, symptoms due to hay fever and allergic rhinitis airborne allergies. Desensitizing oral antigen.

Amoebatox For temporary relief of symptoms of diarrhea, mucousy stools, intestinal bloating, Giardia Lamblia and other amoebas (works well with Artemisiplex – botanical).

Androtox Infections of male genital area. For temporary relief of pain of the lower abdomen, yellow discharge from urethra; urine passing slowly only in drops and painful urethral orifice after micturition.

ASP Detoxification against various strains of Aspergillus. For temporary relief of symptoms of cough with expectoration and dyspepsia, ill effects of melons and water and dried fruits; and thick, yellowish, ropy muscous secretions.

BAC Detoxifier of and defense against bacterial organisms and toxins. For temporary relief of fever, sore throat, and acute irritation of bladder.

Chemtox Chemical toxicity. Detoxification of pharmaceutical drugs. For temporary relief of weakness and exhaustion, minor abdominal cramps and bloating and vomiting.

CVTox Cytomegalo Virus. For temporary relief of fever with digestive symptoms and muscular aches and pains associated with flu.

Colotox Detoxification of toxins from small and large intestines. For temporary relief of flatulence associated with constipation.

Cryptotox X & C For temporary relief of nausea-vomiting, numbness, tingling, weakness and headache.

Dentox Amalgam and other dental materials drainage and detox. For temporary relief of pain and minor inflammation in the mouth or on the gums following dental procedures. 21

Product Suggested Use

Envirotox Detox and defense of various environmental pollutants such as hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, acid rain, industrial water pollutants, formaldehyde, etc. For temporary relief of head congestion and general exhaustion as a consequence of exposure to smog, dust, or industrial agents.

EVtox Epstein Barr Virus. For temporary relief of fever with dyspepsia and muscular aches and weakness associated with the flu.

FNG I Detox and defense of various molds, fungus and their toxins (including Candida). For temporary relief of bloating of the bowel, heartburn , and intolerance of dried fruits.

FNG II Detox and defense, various strains of Candida including Albicans, Tropicalis Stellatoidia, etc. For temporary relief of bloating of the stomach, flatulence, and allergic rhinitis.

Food Additives For temporary relief of allergic reactions to dyes and additives in foods, exhaustion, flatulence, and mood swings.

Free Radical Stimulate the body’s immune defense mechanisms and the Glutathione System to counteract excessive free radicals. For temporary relief of weakness, tiredness, and general exhaustion.

Geopathic Stress Computer radiation, jet lag, electrical and electromagnetic stresses. For temporary relief of nervousness, anxiety, heat and restlessness, especially at night while sleeping.

Gynetox For temporary relief of menstrual pain and vaginal irritation and other female genital infections (e.g. cervic, ovary, tubes and uterus), various infective nosodes(fungal, bacterial, viral)

H-Z Formula For temporary relief of aches and pains, febrile conditions, and painful skin lesions associated with Herpes Type 1 and 11 and Herpes Zoster infections.

Hepatatox Liver abnormalities due to chemical toxicity. For temporary relief of dyspepsia, flatulence, exhaustion, and nausea as a consequence of constipation.

Industrotox For temporary relief of cough, with sensation as if something were loose in the chest; rhinitis; hoarseness, with rough scraped feeling of the throat and stuffiness of the nose as a consequence of industrial pollutants.

Lipotox Detoxification of toxins contained in the fatty tissues (e.g. pesticides, insecticides and other environmental pollutants). For temporary relief of exhaustion and restlessness, metallic taste, dyspepsia, and menstrual pain.

Lym D For temporary relief of aches and pains of joints and muscles as a consequence of infection as in Lyme disease.

Metabolism Stimulates cellular enzyme systems, Kreb’s Cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation to help increase the ATP (energy) output. For temporary relief of fatigue, exhaustion, and lowered metabolism.

Metalogin Heavy metal detoxification . Dental amalgam and other metal detoxification. For temporary relief of exhaustion, vomiting, prostration, and metallic taste. 22

Product Suggested Use

Neurotox For temporary relief of symptoms due to numbness, tingling, muscle cramps, and nerve pain, nerve degeneration.

Pneumotox Toxic reactions due to industrial and cosmetic pollutants. Lung detox. For temporary relief of cough, pressure upon the chest, and cough with expectoration as a consequence of exposure to pollutants.

Radiation For temporary relief of cough with expectoration, skin cracking with eruptions, and weakness and trembling of arms and hands with numbness (e.g. computers, microwaves, X-rays, excessive radiation, etc.).

Renotox Kidney detoxifier. For temporary relief of pain in the abdomen extending around to the back; pain in the thighs and loins on urinating; frequent urination.

Ricetsotox For temporary relief of fever with dyspepsia and muscular aches and pains associated with the flu.

Systemic Detox Stimulation of the reticuloendothelial system (lymph and spleen), of the liver, and of the blood. For temporary relief of painless, clay-colored diarrhea, eczema with itching, burning; hay fever with offensive discharge running from the nose, and dyspepsia with bitter taste.

Tobaccotox For temporary relief of nausea with headache, dry cough, constriction of the chest (e.g. smoking allergies, trying to quit, exposure to tobacco / cadmium).

Toxodetox For temporary relief of nausea with headache, dry cough, constriction of the chest.

Universaltox Perfumes, beauty salons, cosmetics detoxification. For temporary relief of sinus congestion, dry cough in the evening, and rhinitis.

VAX Against effects and side effects of vaccinations. For temporary relief of skin irritation, dry cough, eczema, and fever.

Vermex For temporary relief of itching of the anus, colic, bloating, pain, and constipation as in parasites (works well with Vermaplex – botanical).

Virotox Defense against multiple viral organisms. For temporary relief of fever with dyspepsia and muscular aches and pains associated with flu and other viral infections. 23

BioActive Homeopathic Endocrine Tinctures Homeopathic Sarcode complexes targeted at the Endocrine System and other organ systems. Spagyrically prepared New Zealand freeze-dried glands and synergistic homeopathic agents to produce maximum results. Prepared in 20% ethanol and distilled water, in 1-ounce dropper bottles. Product Suggested Use

Adrenoplex For temporary relief of nervous exhaustion, fatigue, and forgetfulness.

Cardioplex For temporary relief of difficulty breathing after walking, tiredness, feeling as if you can’t breathe, and profuse perspiration; palpitations, angina CHF, arrhythmias.

Cerebraplex For temporary relief of nervous fatigue, nervous twitch, confusion, and forgetfulness.

Circuloplex For temporary relief of cold, clammy feet, numbness of limbs, painful calves upon walking, and muscular weakness of the lower extremities.

Endoplex F For temporary relief of menstrual pain and cramps; pain immediately prior to menses, sore tender breasts associated with menstruation. Female hormonal balance.

Endoplex M For temporary relief of lowered vitality with depressed feelings, loss of nervous energy and pressure in the testicles. Male hormonal balance.

Hepataplex Liver support. For temporary relief of abdominal bloating and soreness; constipation alternating with diarrhea.

Hypothalmaplex Hypothalamus support. For temporary relief of weakness, exhaustion and vertigo, and difficult mental concentration.

Immunoplex Immune system support. For temporary relief of painful sore throat, painful earache, and minor bronchial irritation with yellow expectoration.

Ligaplex For temporary relief of painful low back with burning, looseness of ligaments and general soreness and aching of tendons, ligaments and bones.

Lymphoplex Lymphatic support. For temporary relief of swollen tonsils or sore throat and swollen irritable breasts prior to menses.

Mammaryplex For temporary relief of swollen or sensitive breasts.

Nephroplex Urinary tract / kidney support. For temporary relief of sudden desire to urinate; urination difficult and scanty and frequent urging on urination, pain in the small of the back.

Neuroplex For temporary relief of numbness and tingling; stiffness in nape of the neck and shooting pains with tingling, and burning pain and numbness.

Occuloplex I For temporary relief of minor inflammation, burning, and swelling of the eyelids.

Occuloplex G For temporary relief of pressure in the eyes, and pain in and around the eyes. 24

Product Suggested Use

Osteoplex For temporary relief of pain in the lower part of the back, with burning; chronic lower back pain; soreness in the sacroiliac area and pain in the joints and bones.

Ovaplex For temporary relief of painful menses and menstrual cramps.

Pancreaplex For temporary relief of nervous anxiety, afternoon headache, feeling faint relieved by eating and craving of sweets and nervousness if meals missed.

Parathyroplex For temporary relief of weakness of extremities, cramps in the calves, swelling of joints, arthritic tendencies, and sensitiveness to cold, worse in winter.

Pneumoplex For temporary relief of congestion of the lungs, inflammation of the bronchi, cough with expectoration and hoarseness.

Prostaplex For temporary relief of pain in the scrotum, testicles tender and swollen.

Stomaplex For temporary relief of aching in the stomach, nausea, flatulence, fullness in the abdomen and indigestion.

Thymoplex For temporary relief of sore throat, fever, persistent cough, and fatigue associated with flu.

Thyroplex For temporary relief of exhaustion and heaviness of the body; lowered metabolism; cough, dry, croupy; difficulty swallowing and swollen throat.


BioActive Homeopathic Combinations Homeopathic complexes to stimulate proper functioning of body systems. Prepared in a dilution of 20% ethanol and distilled water, contained in 1-ounce dropper bottles. Product Suggested Use

Acneforce For temporary relief of symptoms due to skin eruptions.

Albuminuriaforce Chronic renal disease – glomerulonephritis. For temporary relief of minor burning and soreness upon urination, mild pain in the region of the right kidney, swelling of the legs, and scanty urination.

Allerforce For temporary relief of hay fever symptoms, sinus congestion, bronchial irritation, itching of the eyelids, and stuffy nose with headache, cough and hoarseness.

Anti Hive For temporary relief of symptoms due to blotchy, red areas of skin, with itching and / or pain.

Apizelen Improves cellular oxygenation, liver cleansing and immune support. For temporary relief of fatigue; indigestion and flatulence.

Arrythmiaforce For temporary relief of lightheadedness and nervous anxiety; dizziness on rising or lying down and sensation as if heart stops then starts again (irregular heartbeat). 25

Product Suggested Use

Arterioforce I Hardening of the arteries, hypertension. For temporary relief of heaviness, tiredness after minimal exercise, and difficulty breathing after exercise.

Arterioforce II Peripheral arteriosclerosis / claudication / gangrene.

Asthmaforce Asthma, bronchitis.

Bronchiforce Bronchitis, cough, upper respiratory infection.

Calciforce Improves calcium metabolism.

Cardioforce I For cardiac arrhythmia, PAT, angina, CHF.

Cardioforce II CHF, liver congestion.

Cerebroforce Learning disabilities, dyslexia, slow learner, cerebral trauma.

Colic Intestinal colic, GB colic, renal colic.

Convoforce Reduces irritation to nerve tissues.

Cough Syrup Bronchitis in flu, cold and pneumonia.

Cystoforce Bladder infection, irritation.

Dentaforce Relief of pain in gums and teeth, strengthens teeth against cavities.

Depressoforce Relieves feelings of doom, anxiety and depression.

Drainage Lymphatic drainage, immune support, immunoglobulin support.

Ear Ear inflammation, Otitis Media, ear pain.

Eczemaforce Chronic eczema.

Edemaforce Chronic liver / kidney cleanse.

Energizer Improves metabolism and energy production in geriatric patients.

Enuresis Chronic bedwetting.

Enviroforce Environmental toxicity.

Gastrex Gastritis, dyspepsia.

Headache Migraine / headache.

Hemoforce Blood cleansing / blood building.

Hepatoforce Liver detoxifier; GB cleanser.

Inflammation I Anti-inflammation in acute bacterial infection and following injury.

Inflammation II For chronic inflammation in viral and fungal infections. 26

Product Suggested Use

Influaforce Various strains of influenza, grippe.

Injury Acute injury / trauma.

Intestaforce Diarrhea, colitis, Crohn’s Disease.

Lumbagoforce Lower back pain.

Menopause Hot flashes.

Neuroforce Neuralgia, neuritis.

Ob-Metab Endocrine balancer / obesity / hypothyroid.

Orchiforce Increasing libido / impotency.

Osteoforce Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis.

Pancreaforce Diabetes, high blood sugar.

PMS Depression, mood swings, PMS symptoms.

Pneumoforce Chronic lung disease.

Pre & Post Surgery Enhancing tissue healing.

Prostoforce Prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy .

Psoriaforce Psoriasis.

Relaxoforce “Coffee nerves” detoxifier.

Renaforce Kidney disease, acute kidney infection, renal caluli.

Rheumaforce Rheumatoid arthritis in wrists, hands, joints.

Rhustoxoforce Relieves symptoms brought on by exposure to poison ivy and poison oak.

Scrofularoforce Lymphatic congestion.

Septaforce Relief of acute swelling and inflammation and septic conditions which develop as a consequence of insect bites or allergic reactions to insect bites.

Sinuforce Chronic sinus infections / inflammation.

Somonese Sleep, relaxation.

Teething Teething children.

Thyrotox Hyperthyroid.

Venoforce I Hemorrhoids .

Venoforce II Varicose veins / thrombophlebitis / phlebitis. 27

Product Suggested Use

Vertiforce Vertigo, motion sickness, Meniere’s Disease.

Viscumforce Relief of headache, dizziness, tingling in extremities, due to high blood pressure.

Vitalizer Chronic disease, revitalizing the system.


BioActive Miasms Homeopathic complexes for balancing deeply ingrained, genetically inherited energetic imbalances. For use by experienced practitioners. Prepared in a dilution of 20% ethanol and distilled water, in 1-ounce dropper bottles. Product Suggested Use

Sycosis Complex For correction of psychotic miasm, chronic catarrh, moles, warts, Constitutional affinity for sycosis.

Syphilinum Complex For correction of syphillinum miasm, chronic affections of the nervous system, suicide. Constitutional affinity for syphillinum.

Psorinum Complex For correction of psora miasm, eczema. Constitutional for skin diseases.


BioActive Candida Albicans & MS Homeopathic preparations of the ubiquitous Candida Albicans. Gradual progression from 6X through the higher potencies recommended. Prepared in 1-ounce dropper bottles, suspended in 20% ethanol and distilled water. Product Suggested Use

Candida 6X, 12X, 30X, Candida Albicans nosode (separates) 60x, 100x, 200x, or 500x

Candida Combo mixed “homocords’ of Candida nosodes

MS Combo mixed “homocords” of MS nosodes 28

BioActive Phenolic Isodes Phenolics produce the color, taste and odor of many naturally occurring substances. Homeopathic phenolics help to desensitize allergic responses to these substances, and to abate the acute and sub-acute responses of the body caused by such reactions. Prepared in 20% ethanol and distilled water in convenient 1-ounce dropper bottles. TEST KIT AVAILABLE. Product Suggested Use

Acetalaldehyde Petrochemical sensitivity. Polysystemic symptomatologies. Perfumes, dyes, plastics, synthetic rubber, etc., spreading phenomenon of allergies to foods, sugar, metabolism, yeast.

Acetylcholine Parasympathetic stimulant (neurotransmitter), lowers blood pressure, chronic fatigue, Chloride/Acetylcholine depression, phobias, schizophrenia. Chloride 4X

Apiol Pituitary-hypothalamic axis. Relief of chronic fatigue, breast tenderness and soreness, hot flashes, irregular menses, itching of the skin, homosexuals

Caffeic Acid Relief of sinus congestion, headache, dyspepsia, joint pains, dizziness, and tingling and numbness of the extremities. Constricts capillary walls, stimulates ACTH release, allergic rhinitis, pharyngeal drainage, otitis, asthma

Candida For Candida Albicans involvement, chronic infection, weakness, depression, overlaps many phenolics.

Chlorogenic Acid Relief of skin rashes, congestion, hay fever, headaches and chest/head congestion, asthma.

Cinnamic Bladder dysfunction, cystitis, enuresis. Relief for skin rashes, chronic fatigue, chest congestion, craving for fruit, dyspepsia, headache, and sore throat.

Coniferyl Alcohol Allergies to evergreens, headaches. Relief of chest congestion with constriction, headaches, sinus congestion, rhinitis with discharge.

Coumarin Constricts capillary walls, inhibits clotting, estrogen effect asthma, hay fever, digestive problems, cervical and low back pain, chronic fatigue. Relief of abdominal bloating, ear congestion, fatigue, flatulence, headaches, hay fever, generalized itching and lower back pain

Dopamine / Neurotransmitter, arrhythmia, parkinsonism, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, autism, Dopamine 4X schizophrenia. Relief of anxiety, hives, hay fever, chest congestion with constriction, ear pressure and neck and shoulder pain.

Estrogen 4X Relief of mood swings, irregular menstrual periods, anxiety and headaches in females, closely associated with Vitamin D.

GABA/GABA 4X Relief of anxiety, anger, hostility, irritability, attention deficit hyperactive disorders, lowers blood pressure.

Gallic Acid Related to racing heart, universal reactor. Relief of allergic rhinitis, chronic fatigue, chronic nasal congestion, joint pain, lower back pain, headaches, dyspepsia, and itching. 29

Product Suggested Use

Histamine/Histamine 4X Increases pore size, dilates capillaries, released from injured cell, hay fever, vertigo. Relief of sinus congestion, hives, mood swings, fatigue and chest congestion.

Indole Common in milk drinkers and children. Relief of bloating, chest congestion with constriction, chronic fatigue, mental disorientation, craving for milk, headaches and sinus congestion.

L-Dopa/L-Dopa 4X Relief of anxiety, stimulates ACTH release, chest congestion with constriction, disorientation, shakiness, hay fever and hives, chronic anxiety, depression.

Malvin Red to purple coloring in food, desensitizes reaction to food, arthritis, psoriasis, asthma, epilepsy, MS, dyslexia, autism, hyperactivity. Relief of anxiety, chest congestion with constriction, forgetfulness, fuzzy-headedness, headaches, itching, joint pains and irritability.

Mannan Constitutes 30-50% of yeast cell wall, chronic hives, angioedema. Relief of itching, hives, swelling of joints and lethargy.

Melatonin/Melatonin 4X Insomnia, deep sleep/dream inducer, great for meditators, altered states, jet lag.

Menadione Related to Vitamin K production, easy bruising, nosebleeds, chronic colitis, diarrhea, varicose veins, arthritis. Relief of joint pains, bruising, fatigue, irritable bowel, diarrhea, congested liver and hay fever.

Norepinephrine/ Stimulates sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), raises blood pressure, helps Norepinephrine 4X maintain freedom from depression. Relief of anxiety, mood swings, dizziness, skin rashes, fears, headaches, hives and hot flashes.

Octopamine Petrochemical sensitivities. Relief of headaches, dyspepsia, heavy chest, burning of left arm and mental sluggishness.

Phenylalanine/ Building block for dopamine, caffeic acid, cinnamic acid, coumarin and coniferyl Phenylalanine 4X alcohol. Depression, poor appetite, blurred vision, sleep disorders. Relief of burning arm pains, joint pains, chest congestion with constriction, heartburn , headaches, sinus congestion, and tingling arms and legs.

Phenyl Isothiocyanate Muscular dystrophy, hypertension, thyroid dysfunction, diarrhea, chronic arrhythmia. Relief of blurred vision, mental sluggishness, mood swings, flatulence, headaches, inability to concentrate, chest congestion and generalized pain.

Phloridzin Strengthens vascular system, blocks absorption of glucose in kidneys, sugar cravings, collagen diseases. Relief of mood swings, lightheadedness, headaches, low back pain, shoulder pain, drowsiness and tiredness.

Piperine Stomach disorders. Relief of joint pains, burning skin and face, chest congestion and sneezing.

Progesterone / Relief of hot flashes, aching legs and back, mood swings, painful menses, painful breasts Progesterone 4X and nervousness in females, cystic breasts (rub on/castor oil packs).

Pyrole Relief of anxiety, headache, gas bloating, mood swings and skin rashes, MS, depression. 30

Product Suggested Use

Quercetin Relief of swelling, fatigue, hay fever, mood swings, tendency to bruise easily, drowsiness, suppresses histamine release, decreases vascular fragility, stimulates adrenal release, linked with male impotence.

Rutin Increases vascular strength, rhinitis, reduces permeability of capillary walls. Relief of joint pain, bruising, sinus congestion, constipation, hay fever, and irritability.

Salisolinol Alcoholism, chocoholism, obsessive-compulsive behavior, mental fog. Relief of elbow pain, headaches, craving for chocolate, confusion, sinus pressure and weakness.

Serotonin/Serotonin 4X Neurotransmitter, sensory perception, temperature regulation, decreases bleeding, increases peristaltic motion, insomnia, memory loss, depression, dyslexia, obsessive compulsive behavior. Relief of nervous anxiety, mood swings, weakness, joint pains, drowsiness, itching and lethargy. Lowered serotonin levels are associated with suicide, higher levels with aggression and more violent suicide.

Taurine Stimulates liver and bile flow, related to viruses in liver, environmental toxicity. Relief of liver congestion, nervous anxiety, irritability, inability to sleep and palpitations.

Tryptophan/ Relief of anxiety, bloating, constipation, mood swings, lethargy, inability to sleep and Tryptophan 4X fatigue. BioActive Nutritionals Nutritional supplements providing macro and micro nutrients to aid immune system and metabolic function. Prepared variably in tablets, capsules and powders. Product Suggested Use

ActiVin TM Grape Seed extract – Antioxidant

Analgesic For the temporary relief of neuralgia, joint bone and muscle pain

Antioxidant Plus Nutritional support to reduce free radicals, anti aging, anti cancer, gene regulator, contains the networking antioxidants in lyposomal phospholipids Ayur-Coleus Forskohli The temporary relief of asthma, psoriasis, allergies, cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, digestive disorders, immune disorders and hypertension; increase cyclic AMP levels

Bio-AntiOxidant Nutritional support to reduce free radicals, anti aging, anti cancer

Bio-Balanced B-Complex Nutrients supports metabolic functions of B 1, B 2 , B 3 , B 6 , support for from Grow Form hyperhomocysteinemia, ATP production, B 12 for DNA repair, support of patented process nervous system, aids in the temporary relief of bipolar depression, panic attacks, diabetic neuropathy, Biotin (vit. H) for synthesis of fatty acids and gluconeogenesis. Grow form B’s are in coenzyme state.

Bio-Colotox Assists in colon detoxification , absorbs toxic byk-products from bile; provides normal colon flora, helps normalize Ph


Product Suggested Use

Bio-Digeszyme P Aids in digestion and assimilation of nutrition, PH balanced for the entire GI tract. Enhances the break down of protein, carbohydrates and fats: useful in between meals to decrease inflammatory processes

Bio-Dophilus Forte Promotes normal bacterial flora of the GI tract

Bio-EPA Provides needed Omega 3 fatty acids supporting prostaglandin E 3 production. Decreases plaquing in arteries, improves the immune system, supports brain function Bio-Fiberclenz Cholesterol lowering, weight loss, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal microflora, insulin regulation, heart disease, colon cancer, indigestion, food allergy, flatulence, diabetes, and hypertension

Bio-Green Better health and well being, elimination of body wastes and toxins, protection from harmful environmental pollution, proper cellular metabolism, improved resistance to stress, memory enhancer, alkaline minerals, arthritis, Candida, dysbiosis, better resistance to immune disorders and other forms of degenerative disease and increased energy levels

Bio L-Arginine-HCL Supports immune system, stimulates wound healing, as well as growth hormone and HCL secretion, helps reduce cardiovascular plaque; activates nitric oxide production.

Bio-Lax For mild laxative usage in chronic constipation

Bio-Mer Detox Mercury amalgam toxicity, metal toxicity, immune disorders, cardiovascular disease, endocrine disorders, cancer, chronic fatigue, allergies, Alzheimer’s, premature aging, gastrointestinal disorders, psychological disorders and gingivitis

Bio-Metabolic Balancer For balancing the endocrine system; provides the nutrients for assisting the endocrine glands in making their hormones. Provides antioxidants, B Complex, minerals and trace minerals

Bio-Metabolic Balancer For balancing the endocrine system; Provides many w/enzymes coenzyme forms of the B vitamin, alpha Lipoic acid, COQ 10 for assisting the Mitochondria in producing ATP

Bio-MSM Plus Provides sulfur for assisting in joint pain and repair of joint cartilage

Bio-Phasic Hepatatox General detoxification, heavy metals, environmental chemicals, malabsorption, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, endocrine disorders, arthritis, cirrhosis, eczema, jaundice and autoimmune -diseases. Provides the nutrients which assist the liver in up regulating the phase I and phase II enzyme for increased detox of environmental chemicals

Bio-Thyro Balancing Provides the nutrients for enhancing the activity of the thyroid and adrenal glands; increases metabolism

Bio Vaso-Tone Blend of amino acids and antioxidants to support the endothelial lining of the artery, vein and capillary promoting nitric oxide production which aids in the prevention and reversal of Atherosclerosis, helps prevent high blood pressure

BioActive Metabolic Coenzyme enhanced multivitamin providing a more comprehensive source of 32

Product Suggested Use

Balance w/Co-Enzymes nutrition to promote and enhance utilization of nutrition at the cellular level; enhances and feeds all the endocrine system; providing methyl donors for methylation reaction; provides antioxidants to maintain good health

BioActive Soy Soy improves cardiovascular disease and helps in the preventing cancer; Isoflavones are helpful in menopause and minimizing hot flashes

BioArthri Plus Glucosamine Sulfate. Sea Cumber Powder, Shark Cartilage Powder, Bromelain, Yucca Powder, Bilberry Extract for use in nutritional support for Osteoarthritis, joint instability, inflammation, fractures/mechanical damage, swelling and stiffness in joints

BioColostrum Immune system support, contain 16% immunoglobulins Life’s perfect food – enhances normal flora in the G.I. tract; antiviral, antibacterial, antifungual

BioColosturm Immune system support, contain 32% immunoglobulins Extra Strength Useful in acute bacterial pharyngitis, tonsillitis, flu syndrome with bronchitis , G.I. inflammation

Chondroitin Sulfate For assisting in removing plaque from arteries; assist in repair of cartilage in joints

Circulaflow (MVM #2) For oral chelation; contains 25% pre capsule of EDTA; Improves circulation over 6-12 months time

COQ 10 – 25mg w/c+ Provides COQ 10 for the cell respiration system known as oxidative phosphorylation; increases the ATP production

DHEA Caps Hormone balance, vitality, menopause, memory, diabetes, obesity, cancer, cholesterol, atherosclerosis, strokes, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus and autoimmune diseases

Flaxseed Oil Based on the research of Joanna Budwig. Cold processed, certified organic. *with High Lignans* Refrigerate after using. Circulation, liver congestion, prostate, dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, low energy, etc.

Green Tea Extract Antioxidant, influenza, hypertension, arthritis, cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes type II, CFS/Epstein-Barr virus and hepatitis C

Gugguluipid Caps Overweight, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides, circulation, antiinflammatory and atherosclerosis, thyroid stimulant

Gulcosamine MSM Forte For support of the body’s connective tissues, such as cartilage , bone, tendons, ligaments, and skin

Hypo Scorbate Powder Concentrated vitamin C supplement

Melatonin Caps Antiaging, antioxidant jet lag, anti-infections, arteriosclerosis, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, drowsiness, circulation, insomnia and endocrine system balancer

Mito Neuro Plus Mito Neuro Plus capsules may be a useful nutritional adjunct for individuals who wish to support the body’s nervous system and brain function


Product Suggested Use

Neuro Gluco Plus Neuro Gluco Plus may be a useful dietary supplement for those who wish to support nutritional control of blood sugar metabolism and protect against the harmful effects of excess blood sugar

Phyto Prydants Increases the activity of enzymes to protect cells from free radical attack. Helps protect against skin and colorectal cancers, suppresses growth of melanoma cells

Pregnenalone Super-hormone to support memory, mental fatigue, mild depression, arthritis, and spinal cord injuries

Pycnogenol Cardiovascular disease, stroke, varicose veins, allergies, flu, visual disturbances, premature aging, diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, stress, Bell’s Palsy, ulcers, multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s, psoriasis, bursitis and gastrointestinal problems

Saccharomyces Boulardii Abnormal intestinal flora, chronic constipation or diarrhea, consumption of processed foods, immune enhancer, dietary imbalances, excessive use of antibiotics or hormonal drugs and after cortisone and chemotherapy drug usage

Sero-Nutrients Sleep disorder (insomnia), depression, stress, immune disorders, memory loss, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, PMS symptoms, environment (chemical) exposure and alcoholism

St. Johns Wort Depression, HIV, cancer, CMV, Epstein-Barre, chronic fatigue syndrome and influenza

Sublingual B-12 B-12 Supplement; aids and blood oxygenation or red blood cells and regulates homocysteine levels

Uro-Pro Benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH)


BioActive Ointments and Gels Topical preparations, free of camphors and menthols. Convenient 1 ounce. Product Suggested Use

Black Gel Relieves boils, open sores, and local infections, drainage, carbuncles, “rusty nail.”

Com-plex Ointment Topical ointment for muscular aches, strains, pain (arnica – hypericum 200x- symphytum).

Lomaplex Ointment Topical ointment for cuts, burns, cold sores, canker sores, herpes, skin fungal infections, shingles, eczema and nail fatigue.

Injury Gel Reduces swelling and pain in acute injury and/or trauma.

Dios Creme DHEA progesterone cream for menopause, PMS, osteoporosis, fibrocysts.


BioActive Homeopathic Tonics Both herbal and homeopathic ingredients are brought together to provide unique combinations targeted at specific conditions. Prepared in 2-ounce dropper bottles with 20% ethanol and water. Product Suggested Use

Adrenal Tonic For temporary relief of marked debility producing nervous exhaustion weakness and exhaustion following an acute illness, rheumatic pains in the sacrum and joints with muscular weakness.

Cardio Tonic (1-oz.) For temporary relief of nervous anxiety with tiredness, difficulty breathing at night while sleeping; coldness of hands and feet and swelling of the extremities.

Female Tonic For temporary relief of dysmenorrhea with severe ovarian pain; painful swollen breast before and during menses; menses early, profuse, black and clotted.

Flu Tonic For temporary relief of painful sore throat, painful earache, and minor bronchial irritation with yellow expectoration. Gingko Tonic For temporary relief of coldness of the extremities; fingers and feet blueish and numb; shortness of breath on least exertion; fatigue; exhaustion and poor memory.

Hay Fever Tonic For temporary relief of coryza, sneezing, watery discharge; stuffed up feeling of nose and head; eyes red with much burning; hoarseness and cough with soreness in the chest.

Headache Tonic For temporary relief of migraines, general pounding headaches.

Hydrate I For temprorary relief of dry mouth, dyspepsia, infrequent urination, constipation alternated with diarrhea, chronic myalgia, headache and low back pain.

Hydrate II For temprorary relief of dry mouth, dyspepsia, infrequent urination, constipation alternated with diarrhea, chronic myalgia, headache and low back pain. Kidney Tonic I For temporary relief of pain in the back before urinating; constant, urgent, and frequent urination; kidneys sensitive to pressure and pain from back extending down the thigh.

Kidney Tonic II For temporary relief of pain in region of kidneys, “sticking” pain in kidney region radiating around to the abdomen and groin, frequent urination with pain in thighs and loins.

Liver Tonic I For temporary relief of sour, bitter taste after eating, fullness and soreness over the liver, coated tongue, flatulence and diarrhea alternating with constipation.

Liver Tonic II For temporary relief of bitter taste in mouth, nausea, pain through the stomach to the back and right shoulder and abdominal distention with liver region painful. Gall bladder.

Liver Tonic III For temporary relief of sour bitter taste after eating, fullness and soreness over the liver, coated tongue, flatulence and diarrhea alternating with constipation.



Product Suggested Use

Lymph Tonic I Activation of the Humoral Phase and connective tissue inflammation. For temporary relief of glandular swelling with inflammation and induration; glands hot, swollen, painful; scrofulous swelling; axillary glands swollen with soreness of the upper arm.

Lymph Tonic II Activation of the Ground Matrix System (connective tissue) in the impregnation and degenerative stages of cellular phase. For temporary relief of glandular swelling with inflammation and induration; glands hot, swollen, painful; swelling and pain of the lower extremities.

Lymph Tonic III Activation of the Ground Matrix System in the degenerative to neoplastic stages of cellular phase. For temporary relief of symptoms due to painful chronically enlarged lymph glands; exhaustion and emaciation, chronic intermittent fever with chills.

Rheumatic Tonic I For temporary relief of stiffness and aching in joint, weakness, numbness, pricking and sense of coldness in limbs and burning in soles and hands at night; pain in the big toe.

Rheumatic Tonic II For temporary relief of stiffness and aching in joint, weakness, numbness, pricking and sense of coldness in limbs and burning in soles and hands at night; pain in the big toe.

Sinus Tonic For temporary relief of redness and swelling of the nasal passages with post nasal drip; thick yellowish discharge from the nose; foul smell; frequent coryza, alternating with stoppage.

Thyro Tonic For temporary relief of tightening of the throat, hoarseness, joints inflamed and painful, and dry cough in the evening and at night.

BioActive Flower Preparations The classic Flower Preparations in a complex of 30C through 200C – much stronger than the original Flower Preparations! Prepared in 1-ounce dropper bottles in 20% ethanol and water. TEST KIT AVAILABLE. Don’t miss our high-potency Bio-Rescue Remedy! Product Suggested Use

Bio-Agrimony Those who hide worries behind a brave face.

Bio-Aspen Fear. Anxiety or apprehension for no known reason.

Bio-Beech For the need of tolerance for others. When the idiosyncrasies of others become burdensome.

Bio-Centaury Need for being assertive for those easily exploited or imposed upon.

Bio-Cerato Those who doubt their own judgment, seeks confirmation of others.

Bio-Cherry Plum Uncontrolled thoughts and actions.

Bio-Chestnut Bud Continually repeats same mistakes or undesired pattern of behavior. 36

Product Suggested Use

Bio-Chicory Overprotective of loved ones or having the need for loved ones to be near them.

Bio-Clematis Inattentive, dreamy, absent minded. Prone to daydreaming.

Bio-Crab Apple The cleanser and “Detox” remedy also for states of poor self-image, ashamed of ailments or shortcomings.

Bio-Elm Overwhelmed by responsibility.

Bio-Gentian Discouragement. Depression from known source.

Bio-Gorse Very great hopelessness.

Bio-Heather Talkative. Need to speak of personal life or seek out companionship with anyone.

Bio-Holly Hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion.

Bio-Honeysuckle Clinging to the past – overly nostalgic, homesickness.

Bio-Hornbeam “Monday morning” feeling. Sluggishness, fatigue.

Bio-Impatiens Impatience, intolerance, irritability.

Bio-Larch Lack of self-confidence. Feels inferior. Fears failure.

Bio-Mimulus Fear of known things. Shyness, timidity.

Bio-Mustard “Dark cloud” that descends, making one saddened and low for no known reason.

Bio-Oak Strong and courageous. Fighting against great odds. Never knowing when to let go of fight.

Bio-Olive Exhaustion, drained of energy.

Bio-Pine Guilt complex – blames self even for mistakes of others.

Bio-Red Chestnut Overconcern for others.

Bio-Rock Rose Suddenly alarmed, scared, panicky.

Bio-Rock Water Self-denying, strict with self.

Bio-Scleranthus Uncertainty, indecision, vacillation. Fluctuating moods.

Bio-Star of Bethlehem For all the effects of serious news, or fright following an accident. Trauma. Grief. Bio-Sweet Chestnut Feelings of total desolation as in a void.

Bio-Vervain Overly enthusiastic. Need to teach others.

Bio-Vine Born leaders. Needing to take control.

Bio-Walnut For periods of change or transition. For the need of protection from outside influences. 37

Product Suggested Use

Bio-Water Violet Need to be alone. “Loners.”

Bio-White Chestnut Persistent unwanted thoughts. Preoccupation with some worry or episode. Mental arguments, sleeplessness.

Bio-Wild Oat Helps determine one’s intended path in life.

Bio-Wild Rose Resignation, apathy.

Bio-Willow Resentment, embitterment. Feelings of injustice.

BIO-RESCUE All purpose emergency composite for effects of anguish, examinations, going to the REMEDY dentist, etc. Comforting, calming and reassuring to those distressed by startling experiences. Traumas, injury.


BioActive High Potency Combinations For chronic, long standing conditions. Use good drainage preparations ( Endocrine Tinctures) with these to avoid rapid detox side effects! Prepared in 1-ounce dropper bottles with 20% ethanol and distilled water. Product Suggested Use

Acne-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to skin eruptions on the face, neck, and back.

Allerpoll-HP For temporary relief of sinus congestion, symptoms due to hay fever and allergic rhinitis.

Anx-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to anxiety.

Arthritis-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to arthritis.

Asth-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of tightness in the chest, wheezing, and difficulty breathing due to chronic asthma.

BAC-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of chronic, recurring fever, swollen lymph nodes, chronic sore throat, due to recurring bacterial infection. For temporary relief of symptoms of chronic, recurring fever, swollen lymph nodes, chronic sore throat, due to recurring bacterial infection.

Bone Repair-HP For temporary relief of pain due to injury to bones, tendons, and muscles.

Bronci-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to cough and upper respiratory infection.

Cough-HP Bronchitis in flu, cold and pneumonia.

CV-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to heart sensitivity and edema.

Cystoges-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to bladder irritation, and bladder inflammation following urination. 38

Product Suggested Use

Diabenex-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to abnormal blood sugar.

DV-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to dizziness and lightheadedness.

Eczema-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to skin irritations and chronic eczema.

Edema-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of swelling of the extremities.

Enuresis-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to bedwetting and bladder conditions.

Grippe-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to influenza.

HA-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of pain due to headache.

Hypert-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to kidney dysfunction.

Hypothalmus-HP For temporary relief of weakness, exhaustion, vertigo and difficult mental concentration.

HZ-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of chronic recurring painful skin lesions as a result of herpes.

Insomnia-HP For temporary relief of sleeplessness.

LGB-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of flatulence and constipation.

Lym D-HP For temporary relief of aches and pains of joints and muscles as a consequence of infection.

Menopause-HP For temporary relief of mood swings, flushes of heat, and physical weakness due to menopause.

Mentox-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to mental confusion, aberrations and depression.

Neuralgia-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of numbness, tingling, muscle cramps, and nerve pain.

NV-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to nausea and vomiting.

Otoflam-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to inflammation of the ear.

PMS-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Pneumo-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to chronic lung disorders.

Prostex-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to swelling and tenderness in the area of the prostate.

Psoriasis-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to skin eruptions and psoriasis.

Rheumatism-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to joint aches and pains, swelling of the joints, and inflammation and tenderness in the joints. Sciatica-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of low back pain, with pain extending down the back of the leg. 39

Product Suggested Use

Scrophulous-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to glandular swelling and lymphatic affliction.

Senility-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to forgetfulness, mental confusion, and lack of concentration.

Sinuchron-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to chronic catarrh of the sinuses.

Teething-HP For temporary relief of pain fue to teething.

Thyroid-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of irregular menses, mental dullness, skin dryness, immune dysfunction associated with lowered metabolism.

V-HP For temporary relief of fever with dyspepsia and muscular aches and pains associated with flu.

Varico-HP For temporary relief of symptoms associated with varicosities and prolapses.


BioActive Homeopathic Minerals & OligoElements Environmental chemicals are known to block enzymes and to create toxins in the mesenchymal tissue. Oligoelements reactivate the enzymatic channels and speeds up repair. Each formula contains Kreb Cycle Enzymes to assist in clarifying the ground matrix bed. Works best in conjunction with botanicals and endocrine tinctures/detoxifiers. Homeopathically prepared dilutions of minerals in a base of 20% ethanol and distilled water. 1-ounce dropper bottles for convenient use. Product Suggested Use

Oligo-Bio-Iodine Lower metabolism and hypothyroid, fatigue, muscular weakness, weak pulse, tendency to faint, depression, listless, memory loss, cold hands and feet, low blood pressure, nervous tremor of limbs and sensitive to cold.

Colloidal Silver 3X and 6X, chronic bacterial, viral, fungal infections.

Diathesis I Ligaments, tendons, activates liver and pancreatic enzymes, inflammatory disorders, (manganese) psychosomatic disturbances.

Diathesis II Dermatitis, eczema, nephritis, hypothyroid, allergies, adrenal support, psychosomatic (manganese, copper) disorders, enterocolitis, allergies, chronic infections, bedwetting.

Diathesis III Depression, psychiatric disorders, osteoporosis, cystitis, adrenal exhaustion. (copper, gold, silver)

Diathesis IV Chronic Fatigue Systems, acne, psoriasis, cystitis, adrenal exhaustion. Diathesis V-1 Pancreatic and adrenal support, dysregulation of insulin secretion – 40

Product Suggested Use

(zinc, copper) pre-diabetic/hypoglycemic, hormonal homeostasis.

Diathesis V-2 Food intolerances, digestive disorders, pituitary/pancreatic dysfunction. (zinc, nickel, cobalt)

Bio-Iodine For temporary relief of symptoms due to lower metabolism and hypothyroid. BioActive Nutritional Sports Formulas

Product Suggested Use

Amino Balance A full-spectrum amino acid supplement.

Osteo Repair Calcium and trace mineral supplement.

Sports Complete Metabolism enhancement formula. 41

Hydration Formula The hydration formula is a mixture (a hydrating fluid) which assists the body’s utilization of water.

A. Flat (non-carbonated) mineral water or reverse osmosis water mixed with juice. The juice should be chosen from the following selections: .??Organic apple juice .??Pear juice .??Ripe pineapple juice .??Watermelon juice .??Lemon, as lemonade

To an empty quart (glass) bottle, mix the water/juice in a 3:1 ratio (three parts water to one part juice).

B. Brew one to three cups of organic coffee (not decaffeinated). To a 2-oz empty dropper bottle, pour 1 oz. coffee and add 1 oz. BioActive Dandiplex or Dandelion. Shake the mixture well.

C. Add 3 droppers of coffee/dandiplex mixture to the quart of water/juice.

D. Refrigerate both mixtures

E. Consume four to eight ounce glasses of this mixture throughout the day between meals. Be sure to drink an 8-oz. glass of mixture 30 minutes before each meal to aid digestion. NOTE: If you have kidney disease, begin with one glass of hydration mix per day for one week, then increase to two glasses the next week, and so on, until you reach four glasses per day. This precaution will allow the kidneys to adjust to the increased fluid intake and utilization.

Drink the herbal hydration fluid Monday through Saturday, consume only water on Sunday, then repeat the same procedure at the beginning of each week. 42

Hydration and Musculoskeletal Pain

Dehydration can affect any or all parts of the body, especially the spine, intervertebral joints, and their disk structure. Hydraulic properties of water stored in the disk core, as well as other parts of the musculoskeletal system, are indeed dependent upon adequate hydration. Contact surfaces in the spinal vertebrae require water for its lubricating property.

The disc core within the intervertebral space also contains water, and supports the compression weight of the upper body. Dr. Batmanghelidi states “Fully 75 percent of the weight of the upper body is supported by the water volume that is stored in the disc core; 25 percent is supported by the fibrous materials around the disc.” The fifth lumbar disk is affected in the majority of cases.

Water appears to be a universal lubricating agent for all joints in addition to sustaining the force produced by weight or tension produced by the action of muscles on the joint. Water is made available in most joints through an intermittent vacuum effect. The water is then dispersed by pressure brought about by joint movement. Important factors in relieving back pain are:

.??Increased water intake .??Specific exercises (enhances uptake of water into the disc space through a vacuum effect) .??Correct posture .??Regular visits to your chiropractor

Neck pain is also exacerbated by dehydration and poor posture. Adequate hydration and exercise will help establish adequate circulation and a vacuum within the disc spaces.

BioActive now has a hydrating formula HYDRATE-1 that enhances the body’s intake of water when used in combination with hydrating juices. For more detailed information, read “Hydration – A new paradigm” by Daniel G. Clark, MD. 43

BioActive Nutritional HP Formulas BioActive Nutritional, Inc., introduces the first of a series of High Potency (HP) remedies. These formulas are designed to follow the lower potency combinations. They provide a deeper penetration of the energy layers, stimulate the detoxification system to help release deeper toxins and provide a higher level of healing.

These HP formulas should be used after the lower potencies have failed to be effective in promoting progressive healing and detoxification reactions, or when the lower potencies no longer test.

Recommended starting dosages are:

5 drops 2-3X per day for two weeks 10 drops 2-3X per day thereafter

Adequate drainage of the area of the body targeted is a must when using HP formulas. Drainage remedies may either be a Botanical or low potency Combination remedy.

Acne-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to allergies to inhalant allergens. Herbal Drainage: Genplex II, Scrofularaplex, Burdoxkplex LP Drainage: Systemic Detox, Endoplex F

Allerpoll-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to allergies of inhalant allergens. Herbal Drainage: Myrrhplex LP Drainage: Allerforce, Allergen II, Histamine

ANX-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to anxiety and nervousness. Herbal Drainage: Valeriplex LP Drainage: Relaxoforce, Adaptagen

Arthritis-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to joint inflammation and swelling. Herbal Drainage: Novaplex I, Hydrangeaplex LP Drainage: Rheumaforce

Asth-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to constriction of the chest and asthma. Herbal Drainage: Mulleinplex, Plantagoplex LP Drainage: Asthmaforce, Pneumoforce

BAC-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of chronic swelling and inflammation of lymph nodes. Herbal Drainage: Echinaplex LP Drainage: BAC, Lymphoplex

Bone Repair-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of chronic inflammation of the back and injury. Herbal Drainage: Complex LP Drainage: Osteoplex, Osteoforce, Ligaplex

Bronchi-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of chronic cough and inflammation of the bronchial tree. Herbal Drainage: Plantagoplex LP Drainage: Pneumoplex, Pneumoforce, Bronchiforce 44

Product Suggested Use CV-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of constriction of chest cavity, difficulty in breathing, and swelling of the ankles. Herbal Drainage: Cratagoplex I, Cratagoplex II LP Drainage: Cardioplex, Cardioforce I, Cardioforce II, Cardio Tonic

Cough-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of irritation and cough due to chronic chest congestion. Herbal Drainage: Mulleinplex LP Drainage: Pneumoforce, Cough Syrup

Cystoges-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of burning and irritation of the pelvis after urination. Herbal Drainage: Bayberryplex LP Drainage: Nephroplex, Cystoforce

DV-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to dizziness and light-headedness. Herbal Drainage: Ginkgoplex, Ginkgo LP Drainage: Vertiforce, Systemic Detox

Diabenex-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of lethargy and fatigue in the afternoon after a meal. Herbal Drainage: Gingerplex I, Gingerplex II LP Drainage: Pancreaforce

Eczema-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to skin irritation and chronic skin eruptions. Herbal Drainage: Genplex II, Burdockplex LP Drainage: Eczema, Drainage

Edema-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to tissue swelling and edema, secondary to low blood protein, and liver or kidney dysfuction. Herbal Drainage: Bayberryplex LP Drainage: Edemaforce

Enuresis-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to bedwetting and bladder claudication. Herbal Drainage: Bayberryplex LP Drainage: Enuresis, Hepatoforce

Grippe-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to influenza. Herbal Drainage: Lapachoplex, Propoliplex LP Drainage: Lymphoplex, Influaforce

HA-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to tension and pressure of the head. Herbal Drainage: Dandiplex, Hydrangeaplex LP Drainage: Hepatoforce, Headache, Relaxoforce

HZ-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to rash on one side of the body, and cold sores. Herbal Drainage: Lapachoplex, Propoliplex, Lomaplex LP Drainage: Lymphoplex, H-Z Formula

Hypert-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to kidney dysfunction. Herbal Drainage: Passoplex, Equistaplex LP Drainage: Hepatoforce, Relaxoforce

Insomnia-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to fatigue and restlessness from inability to sleep. Herbal Drainage: Valeriplex LP Drainage: Hepatoforce, Relaxoforce 45

Product Suggested Use

LGB-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to flatulence, constipation, belching, and abdominal discomfort. Herbal Drainage: Dandiplex LP Drainage: Hepatoforce

Menopause-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to autoimmune dysregulation, dryness and irritaion of the vagina. Herbal Drainage: Cohoshplex II LP Drainage: Hepatoforce, Menopause, Endoplex F, Hypothalmoplex

Mentox-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to mental confusion, forgetfulness, and tendency toward depression. Herbal Drainage: Gotaplex, Valeriplex LP Drainage: Depressoforce, Hepatoforce

NV-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to nausea and vomiting. Herbal Drainage: Dandiplex LP Drainage: Hepatoforce

Neuralgia-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of numbness, tingling, and irritation of nerves. Herbal Drainage: Complex LP Drainage: Neuroforce

Otoflam-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to inflammation and pain of the ears. Herbal Drainage: Echinaplex LP Drainage: Ear, Inflammation I, BAC

PMS-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of headache, irritability, and nervousness at onset of menses. Herbal Drainage: Cohoshplex I LP Drainage: PMS

Pneumo-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to chronic lung disorders. Herbal Drainage: Plantagoplex, Mulleinplex LP Drainage: Pneumoforce, Bronchiforce

Prostex-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to prostate hypertrophy. Herbal Drainage: Juniplex I, Juniplex II LP Drainage: Prostaplex

Psoriasis-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to psoriasis and skin eruptions. Herbal Drainage: Burdockplex, Scrofularaplex LP Drainage: Psoriaforce

Scrophulous-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of glandular swelling and lymphatic congestion. Herbal Drainage: Scrofularaplex, Genplex II LP Drainage: Drainage, Scrofularaforce

Senility-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to Alzeheimer’s Disease and brain dysfunction. Herbal Drainage: Gotaplex LP Drainage: Cerebroforce 46

Product Suggested Use

Sinuchron-HP For temporary relief of symptoms of glandular swelling and lymphatic congestion. Herbal Drainage: Myrrhplex LP Drainage: Sinuforce

Teething-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to teething. Herbal Drainage: Complex, Otalgaplex LP Drainage: Teething

Thyroid-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to chronic fatigue, lowered metabolism, and thyroid dysfunction. Herbal Drainage: Kelplex LP Drainage: Thyroplex, Thyro Tonic

V-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to lowered immune response and chronic fatigue from recurring viral infection. Herbal Drainage: Propoloplex, Echinaplex LP Drainage: Virotox

Varico-HP For temporary relief of symptoms due to swelling of veins in legs and hemorrhoids . Herbal Drainage: Collonsoniaplex LP Drainage: Venoforce I, Venoforce II 47

BioActive Botanicals, Homeopathics & Nutritionals Brief Reference ALLERGY (INHALED) Myrrplex Sinuforce Allergen II Adrenoplex ANEMIA Diathesis V-2 ARTHRITIS Nettleplex Barleyplex Novaplex I Hydrangeaplex Rheumatic Tonic II Diathesis II Bio Metabolic Balancer BRAIN Ginkgo Ginkgoplex Gotaplex Circuloplex CANDIDA III Dandiplex Echinaplex Lymphoplex Bio Metabolic Balancer Bio Dophilus Forte CANDIDA I FNG Candida 12X Lymphoplex Echinaplex Dandiplex Bio Dophilus Forte CANDIDA II FNG II Candida 12X Lymphoplex Echinaplex Dandiplex Bio Metabolic Balancer Bio Dophilus Forte CHRONIC FATIGUE/VIRAL Echinaplex Lapachoplex Dandiplex Virotox Diathesis IV Lymphoplex Bio Metabolic Balancer CIRCULATION Ginkgo Equistaplex Circuloplex Ginkgoplex Dandiplex Diathesis III COLON DETOX Bio Colotox Bio Fiber Clenz (caps) Colotox Diathesis II Cascaraplex Bio Dophilus CYSTITIS Echinaplex Cystoforce Soliplex Nephroplex DENTAL I TOXICITY & INFECTION Dentox Lymphoplex Myrrhplex BAC Wheat Sprout/Alfalfa DENTAL II SURGERY PROCEDURES & AMALGAMS, ETC. Dentox Lymphoplex Myrrhplex BAC Wheat Sprout/Alfalfa Pre & Post Surgery DEPRESSION Dandiplex Gotaplex Depressoforce Diathesis V-1 Bio Metabolic Balancer Oligo Lithium DERMATITIS ECZEMA Boroplex German Burdock Blend Burdockplex Diathesis II Eczemaforce Hepatatox DETOX I HUMORAL PHASE CELL RESPIRATION Genplex II Lymph Tonic I Dandiplex Lapachoplex Ginkgo Apizelen Homeopathic Metabolism DETOX II DEPOSITION – IMPREGNATION PHASE Scrofularaplex Lapachoplex Wheat Sprout Extract Apizelen Herbal Lymph Tonic II Dandiplex Ginkgo Diathesis VI 48

Additox Metalogin Soliplex DIABETES Gingerplex II Dandiplex Pancreoforce Bio Metabolic Balancer Diathesis V-2 DIGESTIVE Bio-Digeszym-P Elderplex I Dandiplex Artemisplex Stomaplex Diathesis V-2 FLU SYNDROME Propoloplex Flu Tonic Bronchiforce Echinaplex Virotox BAC Lymphoplex Cough-HP FOOD INTOLERANCE Allergen I Elderplex I Bio-Digeszym P Dandiplex Adrenoplex Diathesis I Mannan Food Additives GALL BLADDER Hydrangeaplex Liver Tonic II HEADACHE Hydrangeaplex Headache Tonic Diathesis I Liver Tonic I Bio Metabolic Balancer HEAVY METAL Metalogin Bio-Metabolic Oxy Plus HEMORRHOIDS Collinsoniaplex Black Radish Dandiplex Venoforce I HYPERTENSION Passoplex Soliplex Viscumforce Acetylcholine Chloride 4X Diathesis II HYPOGLYCEMIA Dandiplex Gingerplex I Pancreaplex Diathesis V-2 Bio Metabolic Balancer ILO CECAL VALVE Black Radish Dandiplex Condurangoplex Bio Colotex IMMUNE Karzan Echinaplex BAC Lapachoplex Virotox Immunoplex Diathesis IV INFECTION Echinaplex BAC Lymphoplex Propoloplex (viral) Lapachoplex (fungal) INJURY Injury Drainage Ligaplex Bio Digeszym-P Injury Topical Gel Bio Metabolic Balancer INSOMNIA Somonese Melatonin 4X Hypothalmaplex Diathesis V-1 KIDNEY I DETOX Soliplex Renatox Nephroplex Kidney Tonic I Diathesis IV BAC KIDNEY II Soliplex Renaforce Nephroplex Kidney Tonic I Diathesis IV LEAKY GUT Condurangoplex Digeszym P Bio Colotox Bio Dophilus LIVER DETOX Dandiplex Hepatatox Diathesis I Liver Tonic I Bio Metabolic Balancer LIVER DETOX II Hydrangeaplex Liver Tonic II Diathesis I Bio Metabolic Balancer Hepatoforce 49

LOW BACK Com-plex Lumbagoforce Ligaplex Com-plex Ointment Drainage Valeriplex


Cohoshplex II Dandiplex Licroplex Boroplex Diathesis VI Thyroplex Bio Metabolic Balancer MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Boroplex MS Combo Dandiplex Ginkgo Dentox FNG Virotox Diathesis IV Bio Metabolic Balancer OSTEOPOROSIS Cohoshplex II Dandiplex Novaplex II Osteoplex Bone Developer Bio Metabolic Balancer PARASITE Artemisplex Vermaplex Amoebatox Vermex Echinaplex Bio Dophilus PMS Cohoshplex I Dandiplex Bio Metabolic Balancer Progesterone 4X (2 btl) Wild Yam Extract PMS II Cohoshplex I Dandiplex Diathesis I Bio Metabolic Balancer Wild Yam Extract PROSTATE I ENLARGEMENT Juniplex I Prostaplex Saw Palmetto Dandiplex PROSTATE II INFECTION Boroplex BAC Juniplex I Prostaforce Echinaplex STRESS Licroplex Adrenoplex Adaptogen Dandiplex Relaxoforce Bio Metabolic Balancer Diathesis V-1 THYROID HYPER Bio Metabolic Balancer Kelplex Thyro Tonic Thyrotox Dandiplex THYROID HYPO Bio Metabolic Balancer Kelplex Thyroplex Oligo Bio Iodine Dandiplex


BioActive Homeopathic Detoxifiers (in brief) DETOXIFIER FUNCTION ADAPTAGEN Anti-stress, fatigue, lowered energy, etc. ADDITOX Pesticides/insecticides ALCOHOL Improves liver enzymes to handle alcohol and acetaldehyde ALLERGEN I Food allergies ALLERGEN II Airborne or inhalant allergies AMOEBATOX Amoeba infestation, girardia lamblia, arthritis ANDROTOX Male genital organs, various infective nosodes ASP Aspergillus combination BAC Bacterial nosodes , fever, sore throat, bladder, etc. CHEMTOX Drugs and chemicals, fumes, etc. CVTOX Cytomegalovirus nosodes COLOTOX Colon: bacteria, fungal, parasitic nosodes DENTOX Mercury and dental nosodes EBV Epstein Barr/mononucleosis nosodes ENVIROTOX Air and water pollutants, smoke, dust, industrial agents FNG Fungal and mold nosodes FNG II Multiple Candida nosodes FOOD ADDITIVES Detox of food additives, dyes, etc. FREE RADICALS Anti-free radical/glutathione system booster GEOPATHIC STRESS Neutralizes geopathic stress GYNOTOX Ovary, rubes, uterus, cervix: various infective agent nosodes (fungal, bacteria, viral), vaginal irritation, menstrual pain H-Z FORMULA Herpes simplex, II, zoster nosodes HEPATATOX Liver detox INDUSTROTOX Major industrial pollutant nosodes LIPOTOX Detox fatty tissues: chemicals, insecticides and other environmental pollutants LYM D Lyme Disease nosodes METABOLISM Cell respiratory stimulant, lowered metabolism, fatigue, exhaustion METALOGIN Heavy metals NEUROTOX Tingling, numbness, nerve pain, muscle cramps PNEUMOTOX Lungs, coughs, pressure on chest RATIATION Radiation toxicity including radon RENATOX Kidney detox SYSTEMIC DETOX Systemic blood purifier, lymph cleanser TOBACCOTOX Detox tobacco from the body UNIVERSALTOX Perfumes, cosmetics, beauty salon chemicals VAX Detox vaccination VIROTOX Virus nosodes


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** Our remedies have been traditionally used in Ayurveda and Homeopathy for centuries. Each remedy has a varying amount of modern research behind it. We, in abiding by the law make no claims of a miracle cure or permanent results. Individual results may vary from individual to individual.

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† All Homeopathic products are made in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, a document which has been published for over 100 years and which is recognized as an “official compendium” by Sections 501(b) and 502(e)(3) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. 351(b) and 352(e)(3) (“FD&C Act”).” These indications are based solely on traditional homeopathic use. They have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

†† These testimonials are unsolicited and unedited except for the name of the sender. They contain the senders’ initials or first name only for purposes of privacy. These are actual emails from many we were able to help over the years. Testimonials represent a cross section of the range of outcomes that appear to be typical with these products. Your results may vary. We do however stand by our products and will refund you completely if our products don’t meet your expectations.

What we do is simply point you and your Doctors to independent research from all sources that we know of, on the ingredients or entire formulation of our natural products, which are Herbal, Ayurvedic, Bioenergetic, Homeopathic and Complementary in nature. We invite you to read these studies on our clinical trials page or on Results may vary from person to person as is depicted in the wide range of results seen in the clinical trials.



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