Biogetica Essentials Kit with T16 Tonsillitis Formula

Provides specific tissue sarcode for support of the tonsils, adenoids and appendix.

T16 Lymph Liquescence

This comprehensive Sarcode formula consists of energetic and informational impressions of the Spleen and thymus to support the lymphatic system. T16 is traditionally believed to support the functioning of the lymphatic system and aid in optimal drainage of lymph.

This Homeopathic gingivitis therapy has proven effectiveness in treating acute symptoms of gingivitis. It is a safe and natural alternative to NSAIDs. This remedy should be taken over a longer period of time for chronic cases and better results. This natural gingivitis therapy works by:

  • Providing quick relief from gum swelling
  • Reducing the pain and burning sensation

Tonsils 5X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 60x, 100x. Adenoids 5X, 6X, 12X, 30X, 60x, 100x. Appendix 18X, 30X, 60x, 100x.

T16 Lymph Liquescence

Ingredients: Echinacea Angustifolia 1X; Phytolacca Decandra 3X; Silicea 3X, 6X, 12X; Thuja Occidentalis 4X; Conium Maculatum 5X; Arsenicum Iodatum6X.
Potentized Bioenergetic Impressions with no actual molecules of: Scrophularia Nodosa 1X, 3X; Lymph 3X, 6X; Spleen 3X, 6X; Mammary 3X, 6X; Thymus 3X, 6X.

Bryonia Alba 3X; Ferrum Phosphoricum 6X; Belladonna 6X; Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 6X; Apis Mellifica 6X; Mercurius Solubilis 9X; Lachesis Mutus 8X; Arsenicum Album 8X


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