What Can I Do to Stop Hair Loss?

  • December 12, 2018
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Dreaming Disney-princess-like hair on our heads is unrealistic, and yet we know for sure that healthy hair IS an achievable goal. In the previous article – Why Is My Hair Falling Out, we discussed some of the major reasons for hair fall so that you can pinpoint what’s going wrong in YOUR particular system or lifestyle. May be you were washing your head with warm water, or you found out that the sugars and worms were depriving your system from sending the important stuff up to your scalp. If you have already acted upon the few tips in the previous article, well done! Now let’s take a step ahead and see how to control the hair loss. It could just be a matter of a few tips and supplements, and we CAN reverse the cycle of hair troubles and worries.

No more blaming aging or weather for your hair fall, because you will find out there’s a lot more in YOUR control.

  • Shampoos and conditioners made of nasty chemicals and packed in those ‘cute’ boxes are screaming for our attention in the supermarket shelves. Now we are not against the ready made products, and it may not be possible to always use home made simple recipes to clean your hair. But avoid using hair care products that contain harsh chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS), parabens, etc. These chemicals really do get absorbed by your scalp, and causes more problems than it solves. Next time you want to buy a shampoo, spare some time and read the ingredients to find out what you are actually paying for.
  • Get your system ready to absorb vital nutrients before swallowing multivitamins blindly. Multivitamins should benefit YOU and not the parasites and worms inside you. And if you think you always eat clean and bath everyday and can’t have worms, sorry, but you’d be way off the mark. Nearly EVERYONE has worms and parasites in their bodies, until they take an action to remove them. If you have used Biogetica’s products for constipation and worms and experienced good results, you would be amazed by its detoxifying products such as Detoxym, Spirulina and Pranavita Green. They do a lot more for your overall health than just bringing a temporary superficial shine on your hair. Biogetica’s clients rave about how light and clean they felt from ‘inside’ once they began using these products as a daily habit. Moreover, they fill the gaps caused by nutritional deficiencies, and your hair can finally win some share of the life sustaining elements.
  • Here’s one of the most important points – how many times do you complain about your hair issues to others? Many people begin to complain about their hair the moment they see their friends, colleagues or anyone who would listen. However, for a short while, experiment NOT complaining about your hair. In fact, don’t complain about it even to yourselves. BELIEVE that you have great hair! Hair roots being live cells are sensitive to your vibes. Send them some love and positivity. Visualize  healthy hair on your head daily. When you look at yourself in the mirror, imagine how great your desired hair style would look on you. Steady those healthy visualizations in your mind. Feel your hair responding to that imagination; feel it growing. You might think that how true it can be if it’s all in the mind; but that’s the magic– thoughts held inside over a long time, manifest outside. Till that time, be patient and use any available time to happily imagine strong hair on your head.


Treatment Options for Hair loss

Conventional treatment for Hair loss includes creams, steroid injections, and shampoos. The doctor may prescribe Minoxidil, Squaric Acid Dibutyl Ester (SADBE) and diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP). The conventional treatment does not cure hair loss. These medications only give a temporary relief. Drugs like Minoxidil can cause a number of side effects such as rapid weight loss, fat or pounding heartbeats, swelling in ankles and feet.

With limited options available, more and more people are resorting to other alternative treatment options that claim to not only address the manifested symptoms but work at a deeper level and potentially help in the re-growth of hair naturally. Alternative methods include herbal supplements, homeopathic ingredients, and nutritional supplements.

Biogetica, a unique natural health ranger has been crusading for the medicinal properties of Nature for the longest time and has worked relentlessly in the field of natural medicine to formulate multi-disciplinary kits that work to potentially re-grow your hair naturally.

Anagrow : In the study conducted, 0.03% of Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10 which is also an ingredient in Anagrow was applied to isolated hair follicles and analyzed for change in length and morphology. Follicular growth was found to be enhanced by 14% within 7 days.


Sarcodes: Clinical studies using homeopathic formulations prepared from proteins and related compounds in the human body have been found highly efficacious in various conditions including hair loss.

Biogetica’s ground breaking therapeutic kits have helped many people regain their health and freedom. Thus, if you are suffering from hair loss and are looking to regain your confidence, then please consult with one of our holistic doctors because you have the right to know about Nature’s offerings that undoubtedly contribute to your health and freedom.



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