The Microcosmic Orbit, an Ancient Secret of Health!

  • April 25, 2017
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The ancient sciences have long spoken of the energy body, which is linked to our body by a network of meridians and acupuncture cavities. Modern science too is awakening to this fact as some MRI scans have shown meridians and scientists have also studied how our electrical conductivity is much higher at these meridian points.

Many meditation traditions such as chi gung and pranayama focus on moving and balancing energy in all these meridians and points. A balanced flow of energy is essential to health and eastern physicians can often predict problems before hand when they see that energy in a certain meridian is not balanced. For example low kidney energy detected from the pulse can show us that someone is going to run into kidney problems in the near future.

The microcosmic orbit is a meditation done to balance energy in all the main meridians of the body. It is traditionally believed to have innumerable health and meditation benefits.

Doing the microcosmic orbit is relatively easy. Chi flows where our awareness goes and hence the process is merely one of bringing awareness to the various energy centers in the body.

Simple instructions for microcosmic orbit are below. You may also follow an audio recording of them here.
1. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth
2. Smile with the eyes
3. Sense the bubbly energy of the smile on your cheeks
4. Let the smile descend into the throat. When it hits the throat centre it will feel like the ripples that occur when someone drops a pebble in a pond.
5. Continue smiling with the eyes and let the energy of it ooze down like honey into the heart. Again it will feel like ripples when it hits the heart
6. Let the energy drip down into the solar plexus and sense the ripples once it enters the solar plexus centre
7. Let the energy now drip down into the centre two fingers below the belly button
8. Let the energy drip into the perineum
9. Squeeze the sacral pump at the bottom of the back to send the energy up the back
10. Witness it move up through the sacral centre, the solar plexus, heart, throat, back of the head and down to the brow centre
11. Repeat the process until 3, 9 or 18 cycles are complete.

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