Possible Reasons for Baldness in Men

A healthy crop of hair signifies health, vitality and vigour. Hair loss is a major concern both in men and women alike. However, men are at a higher risk of going complete bald compared to women because of their constitutional makeup.

As per the American Hair Loss Association, two –thirds of men experience hair loss by the time they turn 35 and by age 50, around 85% of men report significantly thinner hair.
There are several factors that contribute to men losing their mane. Albeit, some of them are temporary whereas others irreversible.

  1. Genetic Disposition. 

    You can blame your tendency to lose hair on the genes you’ve inherited from one or both of your parents, as this is the most common reason for hair loss. This condition is called androgenetic alopecia. This refers to the commonly heard male pattern baldness, which is thinning of hair in an M shaped pattern. The genes make the hair follicles susceptible to androgens including testosterone and this leads to them shrinking gradually, producing thinner hair eventually resulting in no growth.

  2. Physical Trauma. 

    Any episode of shock; physical, emotional, or psychological puts tremendous pressure on the body. This results in a surge of hormones and metabolites in the body, and often also triggers a hair loss condition called Telogen effluvium. Hair has a pre-mediated life cycle; a growth,rest, and shedding phase. Studies indicate that when the body is in a state of shock, the hair’s growth cycle is also disrupted, resulting in more hair being pushed in the shedding phase. The effects are visible three to six months after the traumatic incident. However, this is a temporary situation and hair starts growing back after the body has recovered.

  3. Hormonal Changes. 

    Men suffering from conditions like hypothyroidism have less hormones being produced in their body and this could also lead to hair loss. Once the medical condition is treated, hair growth is restored.

  4. Auto-immune disorders. 

    This condition is called alopecia areata. It happens when the body’s immune system starts attacking the hair follicles, resulting in patches of hair loss on the scalp. The hair loss can be reversible or irreversible depending on the type and severity of the condition.

  5. Infections. 

    Ringworm is a fungal infection that affects the scalp and hair leading to scaly patches and loss of hair. This condition mostly arises due to poor hygiene and is commonly found in children, although adults are equally at risk.

  6. Medical treatments. 

    One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is the gradual loss of hair. Even drugs like anticoagulants, anti-thyroid medications, anti-convulsants, and beta-blockers among others cause hair loss amongst the patients. Hair normally grows back once the patient has recuperated.

  7. Nutritional Deficiency. 

    A poor diet, malnutrition, biological defects or deficiencies can cause hair loss. Lack of protein and iron majorly contribute to this condition. Vitamin B12 deficiency is also believed to lead to hair loss.

  8. Trichotillomania. 

    This is an obsessive compulsive disorder in which the person repeatedly pulls hair out of the scalp, eyelashes or eyebrows. Hair regrows if the habit is stopped; otherwise it could lead to permanent scarring if continued for a long period of time.

  9. Aging. 

    This is a natural process, as one grows older, hair tends to become brittle and breaks off more easily and the hair follicles too don’t grow as much hair.

  10. Hair Styling and other Treatments. 

    Hair loss can also occur due to pulling and tying your hair back tightly, excessive hairstyling, hot oil treatments, use of chemicals and dyes. Hair often grows back,  when these things are avoided.

Is hair loss curable?

As mentioned, hair loss can be due to a host of reasons. Many a times,if the underlying condition is treated hair starts growing again. However, in some cases treatment is essential to augment hair growth. Conventional treatment for hair loss include steroidal injections, creams,  shampoos, surgery, laser therapies and wigs. Medications like min ox idyl, finasteride, squaric acid dibutyl ester (SADBE) and diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP) are also prescribed for alopecia. However, these allopathic drugs do not cure alopecia. They only suppress the symptoms for a short period of time before they reoccur again and also cause an array of side effects in the body.

Biogetica aims at holistic healing, and its multi disciplinary kits comprise ayurvedic formulations, homeopathic herbal extracts as well as natural supplements. All these have a cumulative and a synergistic effect on the body thereby promoting hair growth by addressing the root cause.

This kit consists of three complementary therapies for hair loss.

Keeping abreast with the latest research in hair transplant and hair replacement, Biogetica also provides Anagrow or Anagain-an advanced plant stem cell solution which is believed to provide the building blocks for hair to regrow.

Losing hair is a distressing factor, but with the right information, diagnosis, treatment, and care, you are in a better position to retain your crowning glory.

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