Is there Truly a Cure or Vaccine for Herpes Today?

“You have herpes and there is no cure!” These words from Doctors across the world have sent close to one-third of the population on the planet into a downward spiral. This dismal diagnosis almost always carries the burdens of shame, loneliness and guilt. The person sitting right next to you may have heard them too but it is extremely unlikely that the two of you will ever discuss it and this further propagates the helpless feeling that herpes brings into many lives.

There is a lot more beneath the surface and this post attempts to discuss it all.

Why do conventional Dr’s say herpes cannot be cured whereas some natural physicians believe it can be?

Central to this debate is the testing method used to detect if someone has herpes. Most tests conducted look for IGg and IGm antibodies. These antibodies are not the virus. They are the defense mechanism or foot soldiers setup by your body to fight the HSV viruses that cause herpes. 30 years ago Antibodies were considered a good thing. They spoke of a healthy immune system. They were evidence of past infection that reduced likelihood of future infections by the same pathogen. Certain countries would require Mumps, Measles and Chicken Pox antibodies to be found in your blood stream before allowing you to live there. These antibodies meant you have a working defense mechanism that was activated either by the infection itself or by vaccination against it. However, once HIV reared its ugly head this acceptance of Antibodies being positive indicators changed overnight. HIV took apart the very immune system designed to protect against it and this then led to believe that antibodies were generally very bad news.

In a nutshell, you will always have antibodies for anything you have been vaccinated against or infected with. It is this lifelong presence of antibodies that leads Doctors to say “herpes cannot be cured”.  However even today the presence of Antibodies does not lead Doctors to say, “Chicken pox or mumps or measles cannot be cured.” Hence there is a lot of controversy based on the testing mechanism as to whether herpes can be cured and constitutes a cure for herpes.

Today there are new expensive PCR DNA tests for herpes that look for the actual virus. These have shown many going from having the virus present to absent. This should be the new gold standard for testing for herpes and once it becomes that maybe the way we think of a herpes cure will change.

Why is conventional medicine unable to find a herpes cure or herpes vaccine even in 2020?

First and foremost pharmaceutical companies never accept anything directly from nature as it cannot be patented and sold exclusively. If someone has to prove a herpes treatment to the FDA’s of the world the process will cost them 50 to 100 million dollars and this would not stop others from selling the same herb for way less. No money no motivation and that’s that.

Herpes itself is a highly advanced virus. It snakes around the nerve ganglia behind the blood brain barrier where the immune system can never get to it. Ancient Ayurveda are the oldest living texts referring to herpes. These texts say that herpes is an advanced virus that snakes around the nerve ganglia. Visarpa is the name given to herpes in Ayurveda.

Antivirals like Acyclovir and Famciclovir only get to the virus that has crossed over from its hiding place in the nerve ganglia. Therefore antivirals deactivate the active virus but do absolutely nothing for the dormant virus. Some naturally inclined Doctors warn us that taking them also over time causes the immune system to slack as it not actively going after the virus as it is meant to. Taking Antivirals daily also isn’t a viable option owing to the havoc they cause to the liver and organs.

Attempts to create a herpes vaccine have also failed as one cannot create a vaccine for a virus who is adept at hiding from the immune system. The viral material in the vaccine cannot be found by the immune system and therefore the immune system gets fooled to a place of not knowing what to go after.

Some also feel that the financial motivation of creating a vaccine or cure is less. Pharma firms thrive on lifelong maintenance therapies and it is hard to envision someone paying as much a single vaccine or cure as they would if they were forced to buy a drug for hundreds of dollars each time they have a herpes outbreak. Sad but true, this is the world we live in.

Which of the hundreds of natural ingredients offered for herpes actually have research supporting them?

Anyone with herpes has most likely heard of Lysine, Red Marine Algae, Olive Leaf extract and numerous other ingredients that some believe may be effective in treating herpes. Truth is that there is very little conclusive evidence supporting these ingredients. The most popular of these ingredients is lysine and the latest research says that it does little to stop outbreaks or reduce the likelihood of future ones.

There are two natural ingredients that actually have a fair amount of data supporting them.  News of these barely made it to the popular media and few new of things that may actually help bring their life back on track.

The first of these ingredients is the herpes nosode. HSV Nosodes are homeopathic imprints of herpes viruses. Homeopaths believe that work in accordance to the like cures like vaccine principle. Regardless of whether you believe in homeopathy or not the research on herpes nosodes is extremely compelling.

82% of genital herpes patients in a trial conducted in France had reduced or no outbreaks for 5 years after taking nosodes for 6 months. Nothing else seems to compare to this result other than the recent results seen with Hypericum Mysorense.

Hypericum Mysorense first came to light in 2004 when scientists at the JSS school of pharmacology claimed it completely suppressed herpes in a lab setting. No other plant they tested did that. These scientists were then immediately hired by pharmaceutical companies to synthesize the active molecule from the plant Hypericin in a lab and enter it into HIV and Herpes trials. These trials eventually got stopped at the chemical molecule caused acute sensitivity to light in patients taking it.

Biogetica took over the project from these very scientists and decided to work with the natural hypericum mysorense molecule instead of the chemically synthesized one. What was discovered over the years was truly ground breaking.

References were found to Hypericum Mysorense in ancient Ayurvedic texts that prescribed it as cure for the visarpa snake virus aka herpes.

Years of research went into a combination that would allow hypericum mysorense to penetrate the cell wall and get to the herpes virus. This combination was licensed by AYUSH the Ayurvedic equivalent to the FDA in India, as a valid treatment for herpes.

A trial was published in the international journal of Ayurveda and Pharmacy that showed that Hyperisince took only 3 days to stop an outbreak even though Acyclovir took 10 on average! This trial also suggested that over 80 percent of people who took Hyperisince for 4 months or more never experienced another outbreak.

Yes this info is precedent setting and you should consider yourself lucky for having found it in a world that continues to suffer from herpes in silence and isolation.

The Bible and every other religious text on the planet say something to the effect of “The Lord Hath Made The Earth Sprout Medicine, The wise do not Abhor them!”

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