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Diet for Leucorrhea

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Leucorrhea is a problem almost every woman faces at some point in her life. Physiological leucorrhea can be seen during puberty in girls because of hormonal changes, during the ovulation cycle, in early pregnancy, and when sexually excited. This kind of leucorrhea is normal and not something to worry about.

However, problems in your genital tract, congestion or inflammation in the vaginal mucus, uterine infection, etc are some reasons that cause pathological leucorrhea and should be treated promptly to avoid further complications.

Are you experiencing vaginal discharge that is smelly, whitish- yellowish to greenish in color? Does this discharge cause itching in your groin? Do you feel lethargic, weak, and have pain in your lower back?  All of these are symptoms of pathological leucorrhea and should never be ignored.

Leucorrhea treatment in allopathy recommends antibiotics to deal with abnormal discharge; however, these drugs only help if bacteria are responsible, they are ineffective if hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies or psychological factors are involved.

On the other hand, versatile properties of several natural remedies, food sources, herbs and homeopathic ingredients have been studied for their potential use as a natural cure for Leucorrhea.

Important Tips to Include When Seeking Leucorrhea Treatment

There is no doubt that if you tweak your diet and include the right kinds of foods, coupled with remedies that target the root cause of your ailment, you can very well get your white discharge issues in control.

Ancient medical wisdom such as ayurveda has highlighted a number of herbs and their active components as potential healthful elements in optimizing functions of the female reproductive system.  Now, medical research has picked up these herbs and numerous studies have endorsed medical properties initially suggested by alternative forms of medicine. Ingredients such as Symplocos racemosa, Saraca indica, Shatavari, Terminalia arjuna, and Glycyrrhiza glabra have numerous studies supporting their role in improving the functions of the female reproductive glands. Each ingredient has a unique quality and produces a synergistic effect when combined in blends.

Biogetica doctors with their exhaustive research have considered many such potent herbs and amalgamated them in combinations that potentiate the action of each individual ingredient. Biogetica’s Freedom Kit with OM 24 Formula and Femiforte tablets is our exclusive female reproductive health protocol designed to nourish, protect and rejuvenate the female organs for optimum functioning.

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Recommended Diet for Leucorrhea Patients

  • Include bananas, cranberries, oranges, lemons, black plums, okra, leafy greens, onions, brown rice, yogurt, as well as healthy herbs and spices such as ginger, garlic, fenugreek and coriander
  • Include foods rich in fiber, protein, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients as they not only help treat leucorrhea but also prevent its recurrence.
  • You can eat plenty of nuts, whole grains, and seeds.

Foods to Avoid when Undergoing Leucorrhea Treatment

  • Avoid spicy and fried food completely
  • Avoid food made of white flour
  • Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, and other condiments
  • Avoid tinned/ canned food
  • It is best to avoid all types of meat while suffering from leucorrhea as they will only worsen the condition
  • Avoid eggs, bread, mushrooms, sweets and any other food items that have been fermented

Learn which Natural Ingredients have the most promising research supporting them. Click here for Groundbreaking Leucorrhea Research.

Home Remedies for Leucorrhea

  • Fenugreek tea used as a douche is very effective in clearing leucorrhea
  • Rice water: Wash rice and strain it. Add honey or sugar to this water to sweeten it, before consuming it. This is a good remedy to get rid of itchiness and fatigue
  • A cold hip bath twice a day for 10 minutes will help relieve congestion in the pelvic region and facilitate quick elimination of morbid matter
  • A douche for the vaginal tract made with a decoction of the bark of banyan and fig tree is effective in treating Leucorrhoea. One tablespoon each of the powders of the bark of both the trees should be boiled in one liter of water till it reduces to half. Douching with this lukewarm decoction will keep the vaginal tract healthy

So, if you’re suffering from this discomforting condition and want to know how to treat leucorrhea, then you must seek a protocol that not only addresses your symptoms but also targets the root cause of your issue along with optimizing the functioning of the concerned organs. Please consult with your expert panel of doctors at for free to get more information on your condition, personalized recommendations and natural holistic options for a healthier you.

Dr. Vijaykumar S. Kamat

Dr Vijay Kamat graduated from K.L.E. society’s Shri B. M. Kankanwadi Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Belgaum, India; one of the oldest Ayurvedic institutions in India. He is a prestigious member of the Ayurvedic Association of India. He possesses deep ancestral and research-based knowledge of plants, and is passionate about bringing age-old secrets of Ayurveda within the reach of a common man. In keeping with his passion, he is presently leading the medical team of Biogetica – a collective of Doctors dedicated to natural medicine. Together, they work to bring evidence-based natural healing solutions to the world.

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