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Are the antibiotics given to you for treating your cellulitis infection giving you side effects like nausea, diarrhea, belly pain or cramps, vaginal itching or discharge? Worse, are your symptoms not getting any better with the antibiotic course prescribed? This often happens because cellulitis bacteria such as streptococcus and staphylococcus are known to rapidly mutate into antibiotic resistant strains that no longer respond to antibiotic treatment.

Moreover, cellulitis can cause potentially serious complications such as large, painful abscesses below the skin, damage to the lymphatic vessels, permanent swelling of the affected tissue, irreversible damage to skin tissue, and bacteremia, which is spreading of bacteria through blood and can be life-threatening. Therefore, seeking a timely and effective cellulitis treatment is absolutely essential.

Also, the bacteria causing cellulitis are opportunistic pathogens and spread from person to person or even from animals to people in some cases. Skin-to-skin contact with someone who carries staph bacteria along with sharing personal items are the two most common ways that bacteria are passed between patients. And, people with weak immune systems are more vulnerable to catching the infection. So, if you’ve been diagnosed with cellulitis, then please realize that a healthy immune system is absolutely necessary for your treatment of cellulitis. Read on to know which dietary foods, herbs, and natural extracts will help boost your immune mechanism and help you on your journey towards health and freedom.

Are There any Other Treatments Available for Cellulitis Apart From Antibiotics?

A strong immune system is the best way to stay free of a cellulitis infection. Your diet and lifestyle are some of the predominant factors that decide your quality of living. Correct eating habits can dispel many acquired diseases and assist in maintaining good health. However, at times you do need medication to get you back on track. Sadly, conventional medicines typically don’t have drugs that boost immunity and antibiotics only help suppress symptoms and reduce bacterial load. Moreover, they kill all types of microbes present in the body thus creating an imbalance in the gut flora compromising the body’s immunity further. On the other hand, you’ll find several groundbreaking researches in Natural Medicine that showcase the immune boosting properties of several nutrients, herbs, and advanced homeopathies.

Dietary Recommendations and Specific Herbal, Homeopathic and Nutraceutical Options for a Healthy Immune System

Biogetica has a long history of helping Cellulitis patients boost their immune system and our doctors tend to understand the many facets of this terrible disease better than anyone else we know in the field.

Our doctors have relentlessly researched every medical discipline to formulate our precedent-setting all natural Full Spectrum Immunity Boost kit with CLTS Inflammation 30. The ingredients used in our protocol are clinically tested to ascertain their role in boosting immunity, improving the functions of your skin and enhancing overall health and wellbeing.


Please feel free to consult with our doctors for free at any time by clicking here. They can also help customize a Diet Plan for you based on your constitution, eating habits, and present condition.



As mentioned earlier, your diet also plays a very important role in tackling cellulitis, as the foods you eat can greatly affect the state of your immune system. Therefore, including natural immune boosters to your diet may potentially equip your body to fight bacterial infections like cellulitis and assist in total recovery.

So make sure, you are including the following food items to your diet:

  • Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits from organic sources such as beans, carrots, beetroots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, ridge guard, and cucumber.
  • Seeds and nuts like – almonds, walnuts, and flaxseeds since they contain essential fatty acids that are known to have potent antioxidant powers.
  • Fresh fruit juices (without adding artificial sugar) and sufficient quantity of water to flush away the irritating byproducts left behind by the dying bacteria.
  • Foods rich in flavonoids such as onion, garlic, ginger, grape seeds and cranberries.

Food Groups you may Want to Avoid or Moderate:

  • Limit the intake of peanuts, cashews, green gram, Bengal gram, peas, lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, millet, nuts and seeds, lentils, beans and fermented soy.
  • Avoid vegetables such as potato, tomatoes and brinjal, as they are known to aggravate VATA (Wind) and cause pain and discomfort.
  • Milk and other dairy products such as butter, cheese and ghee are known to worsen symptoms.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners.
  • Avoid oily and fried food.
  • Caffeinated products and hydrogenated fats are best avoided as they may further exacerbate the condition.

Learn which Natural Ingredients have the most promising research supporting them. Click here for Groundbreaking Cellulitis Research.

Herbs and Other Natural Ingredients That Potentially Help Maintain a Healthy Immune System.

Many assume that herbs and other natural ingredients are a total waste of time since they are promoted based on anecdotal evidences and have no clinical indications. However, growing research has busted those myths since more and more natural ingredients are being tested clinically and many have shown that herbs can sometimes bring better and quicker results than anything else including pharmaceuticals.

  1. Echinacea purpurea

This plant has been particularly highlighted for benefiting in a wide range of conditions. It has been studied for its immune boosting, mood enhancing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Research suggests that the plant may inhibit infections by increasing the overall activity of infection-fighting cells and enhancing immunity. 1

  1. Curcuma longa

Curcuma longa is a widely used spice or herb all across the globe. Studies have highlighted that curcuma longa possesses anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and protective properties. It is commonly used to inhibit foreign body proliferation. 2

  1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is also a popular plant known for its numerous health benefits. Studies suggest that aloe vera possesses immunomodulatory, antioxidant, and gastro protective properties. 3 These properties make aloe a potentially beneficial ingredient in improving digestion, immunity, metabolism, skin, kidney, and brain functioning.

Our Biogetica doctors have considered and amalgamated the best ingredients backed by scientific evidence in formulating protocols that are known to boost immune functions.

Our protocols consist of the following natural ingredients:

Ayurvedic herbs: A combination of herbal extracts that are traditionally believed to rejuvenate the body and support all the natural detox systems of the body.

Homeopathic Attenuations: Natural ingredients that are traditionally believed by classical homeopathy to potentially support the functioning of the immune system.

Nutraceuticals: Supplements that provide essential nutrients to nourish and rejuvenate the body.

We at Biogetica work relentlessly to formulate blends that ensure safety, synergistic action, potency, purity, and bio availability. Our full spectrum kits not only boost immunity, but also flush out the toxins and promote healthy functioning of the concerned organs. To know more about our Immune Boost protocols or to have any other health concern addressed by our experts, please visit www.biogetica.com now.


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