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What is HPV?

The Human papilloma viruses (HPVs) are a group of more than 200 related viruses and have become one of the most prevailing infections since more than 40 HPV types can easily spread through direct sexual contact. Other HPV types are responsible for non-genital warts that are not sexually transmitted.

According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics, more than 85% of sexually active men and women will be infected with at least one type of HPV at some point in their lives. Around one-half of these infections are with a high-risk HPV type. Since HPV is easily transmitted and possibly fatal the need for a proper treatment and prevention protocol is imperative.

Vaccines for HPV

Vaccinations like Gardasil and Cervarix are being touted as the most effective defenses from the infection. However,   HPV vaccines have become highly controversial with 2 clear groups formed to prove the other wrong. Health authorities consider HPV vaccination mandatory for children and young adults till the age of 25; even though, HPV is a ‘sexually transmitted infection’, and not a ‘contagious disease’ like mumps or measles.

There is a lot of speculation regarding the efficacy of vaccination because even though  vaccination for HPV is recommended as a preventive measure you can still get infected or get serious complications including cancer down the line if your immunity is low. Plus, vaccination for HPV covers only about 6-7 strains out of the 200 different strains of HPV causing genital warts and cancer.

On the other hand, a robust immune system can barricade the virus and expel it from the body without the need of a vaccine. Therefore the best way to quell an HPV attack is by enhancing the immunity of your body. You won’t find any pharmaceutical drug marketed for boosting your immunity; however, there are numerous herbs or natural ingredients that have clinically shown to boost immunity even when tested against viral infections like that of HPV. Biogetica’s specific immune boost kits containing HP-Factor, Thuja, Echinacea extract and Hyperisince- a patent published Ayurvedic formula that contains Hypericum mysorense have been clinically studied for their positive effects on the defense mechanism of the body. Biogetica’s Wartex and DSPL kits are a synergistic combination of evidence based natural solutions that will potentially lead you back to health and freedom.

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Is Vaccination for HPV Effective?

Gardisal is the only approved preventive treatment for HPV.  The vaccine was developed to protect against two high-risk HPV types (types 16 and 18), which cause 70% of cervical cancers in women and 90% of all HPV-related cancers in men. It was also meant to protect against two low-risk HPV types (types 6 and 11), which cause 90% of genital warts.

The vaccine is assumed to work like any other immunization protocol that guards against viral infections. The HPV vaccine stimulates the body to produce antibodies when given before initial exposure to the virus so that in event of future encounters with HPV, the already formed antibodies bind to the virus and prevent it from infecting cells. The current HPV vaccines are based on virus-like particles (VLPs) that are formed by HPV surface components. These VLPs are not infectious since they lack the virus’s DNA. However, the VLPs are strongly immunogenic, which means that they induce high levels of antibody production by the body supposedly making the vaccines highly effective.

But, most people are unaware that Gardisal vaccination works only on about 6-7 strains out of the 200 different HPV strains causing genital warts and cancer. Plus, there are several reports of deaths and debilitating side effects of the vaccine. 1, 2 For instance health reports indicated that the rate of anaphylaxis in girls receiving Gardasil was reportedly five to twenty times higher than any other school-based vaccination program.

A study released by the World Health Organization (WHO) monitoring centre in Sweden showed that the vaccine had a tendency to produce clusters of serious adverse events including complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) to name a few. 3

Another most important thing to know is HPV vaccination can only be given to non-infective individuals, it doesn’t help people who are already infected and it cannot be given to people suffering from other immunological diseases like psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Preventing the risk of HPV

Since HPV is a sexually transmitted infection and not a contagious disease like measles, chicken pox and mumps, prevention is a matter of your lifestyle choices. Some of the safety measures that can be taken are:

  • limiting your number of sexual partners
  • practicing safe sex by using condoms
  • avoiding sexual contact with a partner if genital warts are present

Treatment of HPV

There is no treatment for HPV in modern medicine. However, symptoms can be taken care of. If you have genital warts, the doctor will suggest topical or oral medicines. If the warts are multiple, the doctor may even advise burning them.

Cervical, anal, penile, or throat cancers are usually treated with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

On the other hand holistic treatment modalities suggest that the best way to rid the body of an HPV infection is by boosting immunity. Natural products including advanced nutraceuticals, standardized herbal extracts and Bio-energetic homeopathic ingredients are traditionally believed to enhance the strength of your immune system enabling it to fight back.

Biogetica’s natural products are blended remedies derived from 3 distinct principles of healing methodologies to help you regain your freedom. The ingredients in our kits are clinically tested and include:

Ayurvedic herbs: A combination of herbal extracts that potentially balance the body terrain and make it inhospitable for foreign invaders to survive.

Homeopathic Attentuations: Potentized formulations that are traditionally believed to support the normal structure and function of cervical cells and skin.

Nutraceuticals: Supplements that provide essential nutrients to improve the nutritional and energy state of the body.

Some Natural Ingredients Clinically Studied for HPV are:

  1. Hypericum mysorense

Studies suggested that Hypericum mysorense may boost immunity and inhibit viral spread by directly interfering with the replication of the viral cells. 4, 5




  1. Withania somnifera

Studies suggest that withania somnifera possesses profound antiproliferative properties. It has displayed the ability to repress HPV E6 and E7 oncogenes leading to growth inhibition of cervical cancer cells. 6 So, on the basis of the results obtained, the extract seems to exert potent immunostimulatory properties and can be employed as a therapy or adjuvant against malignancies. 7


  1. Monolaurin

Monolaurin is a derivative of Lauric acid and studies on monolaurin have shown that it potentially dissolves viral envelopes thereby making the infective agents more vulnerable to the immune system. 8




  1. Green Tea Extract

Reports from three randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies suggested that active constituents from green tea significantly supported complete clearance of external warts and recurrence rates were also very low. 9




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Biogetica doctors study all possible natural ingredients before formulating our blends amalgamating nutritional supplements, herbal extracts, and bioenergetic homeopathic attenuations. We strive to harness the immense potent powers of nature and present it to humanity in a bid to get Nature the respect it deserves.

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Dr. Vijaykumar S. Kamat

Dr Vijay Kamat graduated from K.L.E. society’s Shri B. M. Kankanwadi Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Belgaum, India; one of the oldest Ayurvedic institutions in India. He is a prestigious member of the Ayurvedic Association of India. He possesses deep ancestral and research-based knowledge of plants, and is passionate about bringing age-old secrets of Ayurveda within the reach of a common man. In keeping with his passion, he is presently leading the medical team of Biogetica – a collective of Doctors dedicated to natural medicine. Together, they work to bring evidence-based natural healing solutions to the world.

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