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Sintergetica formulas – Cleanse, Energize, Rejuvenate

Our body is a complex amalgamation of cellular mechanisms, energy systems, bio-informational and elemental frameworks. An imbalance in any of these is bound to affect the others and manifest itself as an ailment in the physical form. Likewise, if the body is not nurtured with the right amount of minerals & micronutrients; there will be a hindrance in its optimal functioning, leading to the wear and tear of energy systems in the body.

Sintergetica formulations are specifically designed to boost the body’s performance by detoxifying, energizing and strengthening the Immune health. They are traditionally believed to work across the full- spectrum of molecular, energetic and bio-informational systems, for an enhancement in the overall quality of life. Sintergetica formulations are a combination of:
  • Advanced Nutraceuticals
  • Ayurvedic herbs
  • Vibrational therapies
Sintergetica formulas:
Prana Mana: Enhances the energy levels and improves vitality

Reginmune: Boosts immunity.

Detoxym: Cleanses and detoxifies the body.

If you have any questions or concerns about these products, CONSULT ONE OF BIOGETICA'S DOCTORS FOR FREE.

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Prana Mana:  
Price: $49.00
For boosting energy levels

Prana Mana is a combination of Herbs, Dietary supplements and Advanced bio-energetic therapies that are traditionally believed to work collectively by enhancing energy levels and vitality. The results may manifest themselves within few hours of its consumption!

This formulation contains nutrients and minerals that are essential for metabolic activities; anti-oxidants which naturally increase energy production; thereby making one feel refreshed, exuberant and energized within hours of consumption!

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Price: $49.00
For strengthening the immune system

Reginmune combines Dietary supplements, Herbs and Advances bio-energetic therapies that are traditionally believed to build the immune functions. Reginmune contains anti-oxidants, minerals and micronutrients that regulate the immune functions and strengthen the body against infections and diseases.

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Price: $49.00
For deep cleansing and detoxification

Detoxym is an advanced formulation designed to activate the detoxification and cleansing mechanisms of the body. Detoxym combines dietary supplements, herbs and bio-energetic therapies in one easy to consume capsule which is traditionally believed to clear the body of accumulated toxins, thereby, making you feel cleansed and rejuvenated. Effects include a sense of well-being, freshness, youthful looking skin and enhanced energy levels.

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