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Information on the Radi Ram Pendants and How they work?

Biogetica is thrilled to present the Radiram and RadiRam+ protective Resonator Pendants!

RadiRam is an advanced bio-resonator, designed to enhance and protect the human bio field.

What is a bio - energy field?

We live in an ocean of energy. Everything, including our body is composed of energy. The frequencies of this energy can be noted in the recordings of biological rhythms like electro encephalograms and electro-cardiograms. These bio-energy fields in our body are in constant contact with the different energy fields that exist in the universe.

All health disorders are a result of disharmony in the intrinsic frequencies of the body due to interference from external sources like radiation and intense emotional states.

Presenting the RadiRam pendants!

RadiRam is an advanced bio feedback device. This beautiful pendant is believed to: **
  • Harmonize the bio-energy field and its associated meridians and chakras, thereby leading to normalized and smooth functioning of the physical, energetic, emotional and mental states
  • Reinforce resistance of the bio energy field to protect against the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, radio wave radiation and radiation from other devices such as microwave ovens, power lines and computers.
  • Reduce the energetic, emotional and mental effects of disharmonious inter personal relationships
  • Reinforce energetic factors directly related to immunity
  • Induce deeper relaxation
  • Induce calmer mental states
  • Balance bio rhythms
  • Prevent Jet lags
  • Repair the cumulative damage to the bio energy field
  • Enhance certain factors related to mental and physical performance
RadiRAM plus harmonizes hertzian and non hertzian frequencies in the bio energy field and protects one from the electro magnetic and high frequency radiations.

It is currently being studied for performance enhancement in professional Athletes and we expect many professional Athletes to start using RadiRAM+ when the results hit popular media.

Decades of work by the Sintergetica school of Medicine, Scientists and Healers like Peter Lindemann and Rupert Sheldrake, has culminated into a comprehensive model for regeneration, strengthening and harmonization of the bio energy field:

The RadiRam pendant.

The RadiRam and Radiram Plus pendant achieves this by:
  • Using a special metal alloy that releases electrons and photons to charge the bio-field and deliver information about optimal states.
  • Utilizing the Casimir effect to stimulate the body's processes to stay harmonized at all times
  • Utilizing nano technologies to transfer high frequency information
  • Utilizing scalar waves and zero point energy fields to protect from the harmful effects of mobile and other types of harmful radiations
  • Using laser cut sacred geometries to amplify the magnetic field of the heart, thereby synchronizing the body with the universe
The RadiRam+ amulet is a beautiful and an energetically charged piece of jewelry that can be worn around the neck by both Men and Women. Its effects can be witnessed by holding it between the palms for a few minutes and noticing the balancing energy generated by it.

Note: "DO NOT WET" the amulet

Presently, we have following versions of the RadiRAM:

1. Second generation RadiRam plus, which contains additional regenerative factors. It is smaller and more compact in terms of design and made to look like an elegant piece of jewelry that does what no other piece of jewelry can do.

Sales Price - $189

2. Second Generation RadiRam
which is almost identical in function but more basic in looks and larger in size.
Sales Price - $89
In the Ayurvedic and Homeopathic traditions it has long been known that the subtle precedes the gross. That changes happen first in the energy field before molecular alterations.

To some of us the words bio field and energy body mean a lot and to others, nothing at all. For some the energy body is a part of our experience and for others it is merely the belief system of some.

This product is initially for the first lot. The ones who sense that there is energy around them and moving through them. The product itself may help all, but we rather start with the ones who can hold it in their hand and know what its about without a doubt.

Biogetica has just received the first small batch of RadiRam+ resonator pendants which are designed to protect and enhance the energy body of the wearer in ways most can sense. The pendant is to be worn around the neck on a string. It comes in box and the string is not included. I could write pages about how amazing these devices are and what a difference they have made in my life and work. This, however, may lead to some trouble, as governments and obsolete scientists don't accept the words energy body, meridians and chakras, especially if those are linked to words they accept such as immunity and happiness.

Some of you, who have attended our healing sessions across the world have experienced the sensations of RAMS first hand, as I tend to use them in healing sessions a lot. They go way beyond electro magnetics and scalar fields, and in my opinion make other such devices seem like a childlike play, for dealing only with the electro magnetic spectrum of the soul and its frequencies.

We have limited quantities of RadiRam+ available presently. If you belong to the aforementioned energy sensitive lot, you may go ahead and order one. Soon more will be available and by then we should also have outcomes of tests conducted on professional athletes with them. Then we can hopefully claim a whole lot more in terms of measurable differences in athletic performance and benefits to the body. Meanwhile I do believe that the meditating sub section of our customers will instantly feel a difference in wearing them and immediately sense their worth.

Do get back to us about your experiences with them.
RadiRam+ Test Results

An Independent study was conducted by XMGathletics for testing strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance. The initial tests were conducted on the 20th of August and the subjects were asked to wear the Radiram+ pendant for maximum possible time till the retest. The retests on September 10th to September 12th revealed the following results:

Subject group: High school Children {16/18 years}, well trained distance Runners who undertook similar training during the period between the initial testing and the post intervention (Radi Ram) testing.

Average Improvement (by test) Total Boys Girls
Push-ups in 60 secs. 17.08% 17.66% 15.06%
Sit-ups in 60 secs./hand-knees 12.75% 11.20% 18.17%
Hop Test - 25 m on each leg 8.55% 21.45% 6.25%
Standing Broad Jump 5.86% 5.62% 5.81%
Sit & reach (12" box; yardstick) 8.51% 8.74% 6.94%
Balance 10 step for time 8.07% 17.18% 15.49%
Average Improvement (Overall/Group) 10.14% 13.64% 11.29%

Testimonial by Paul Pelosi Jnr. Son of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the highest-ranking female politician in American history.
Individual results may vary from individual to individual.

Biogetica Review By a Doctor
Individual results may vary from individual to individual.

NOTE: Testimonials claiming a cure or treatment or mentioning a particular ailment can no longer be associated with health products in the US of A. Hence, in compliance with the law, Biogetica is no longer able to show you most of the thousands of letters we have received from patients over the years that mention an ailment name or the words treatment or cure. However we still encourage you to keep uploading your individual stories of healing to you tube and other such social channels. It is well within your freedom of speech rights to do so. However, we can no longer host such stories on our site in order to comply with the present law.
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