Herbal Combinations


Pro FNG 180 caplets 

Oregano (standardized extract) 50.0

LHD Pro Herb Diuretic 90 capsules

LHD Pro Herb Diuretic is a natural dietary supplement, traditionally believed to support the body's excess fluid removal processes.**

Horsetail Grass 32 mg, Clivers 32 mg, Buchu 32 mg, Couch Grass 32 mg, Uva Ursi 32 mg, Gravel Root 32 mg, Cubeb Berries 32 mg, Argrimony 32 mg, Dandelion Room 32 mg, Goldenrod 32 mg, Asparagus 32 mg


Pro Herb Lax 90 tablets 

Senna leaves 277.0, Cascara sagrada bark 65.0
IN AN INERT BASE OF: Anise seed powder 5.0, Licorice root powder 5.0, Rhubarb root 5.0


Pro Muscle Calm 90 capsules 

Valerian root 125.0, Calcium (aspartate) 95.0, Dioscorea 85.0, Wood betony 75.0, Magnesium (aspartate) 50.0, Passiflora 45.0, Skullcap 30.0, Cramp bark 25.0, Hops 15.0


Herbal Hepatox 90 capsules

LPS-2 Herbal Hepatox is an advanced nutraceutical comprising potent herbs that potentially work to detoxify the liver and optimize the functioning of the hepatic system. **

Beet Rreens 250 mg, Milk Thistle 100 mg, Dandelion Root 50 mg, Cascara Sagrada Bark 50 mg, Parsley 50 mg, Ulva Ursi 10 mg, Licorice 10 mg

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