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Urticaria or hives can make life miserable for those affected by it. Imagine yourself scratching all the time and your body covered with huge red wheals. The thought itself is so depressing. But then it is a common disorder millions of people live with.

Why do hives appear and what is the best cure for it?

The most common cause of urticaria is allergy to a particular item. It could be a direct exposure to the allergen or it could be through any food item. Common food items causing urticaria are shell fish, nuts eggs and food color.

The first sign is intense itching followed by appearance of raised eruptions called wheals. These eruptions last for about 20-30 minutes and subside on their own. They are commonly seen on the dependant parts of the body and on the extremities.

It is very essential to find out the cause of urticaria so that it can be avoided in the future.

There are cases where people suffer from chronic urticaria. This is usually due to extreme weather conditions.

Urticaria can also be triggered by emotional stress.

Treatment usually involves administration of anti histamines. They relieve itching and reduce sensitivity. These have short term efficacy and cause side effects like drowsiness.

Natural products like oatmeal baths help in reducing itching. Detoxifying baths with Epsom salt are also effective. Aroma oils have been used of lately for treating urticaria.

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