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Are you having a running nose, sneezing, blocked nostrils and pain around the eyes and in the face? Chances are you might be having Sinusitis.

Well you are not alone. Sinusitis affects 37 million Americans each year.

It is caused by a bacterial infection or due to an allergy. The sinuses are normally filled with air. In sinusitis, they get filled with fluid and get blocked.

Depending on the severity it lasts for anything between 4-12 weeks.

Symptoms include a thick discharge from the nose, pain around the eyes, cough, headache and difficulty in breathing. It can also lead to fever.

Natural AlternativesĀ treatment works better in cases of sinusitis.

Steam inhalation helps in decongesting the blocked sinuses. Nasal irrigation with warm water is recommended by yoga experts.

One should consume a lot of warm drinks like tea and coffee.

If you are prone to recurrent sinusitis, you should have a humidifier in your room. This absorbs the excess humidity in the room keeping it dry.

Herbal products also play a major role in relieving nasal congestion. Decoctions made from these natural products are soothing and reduce the intensity of symptoms.

We need to adopt a holistic approach in dealing with Sinusitis and see to it that it never bothers us again.

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