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Removing Sodium Benzoate from the Supply Chain

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Sodium benzoate is a chemical added as a preservative to a number of foods and beverages. However, before we spill the beans on Sodium benzoate, let’s get the facts right. Benzoic acid is naturally found in several fruits and condiments and sodium benzoate is produced when benzoic acid combines with sodium hydroxide.

What makes Sodium benzoate dangerous? 

In its natural form, sodium benzoate is harmless when present in miniscule amounts; however the problem starts when the lab synthesized version is liberally added to increase the shelf life of marketed foods and beverages. The reasons being:


  • Some people are allergic to sodium benzoate and could experience adverse reactions ranging from asthma to hives to other allergic manifestations.
  • Sodium benzoate is known to deprive the cells of oxygen leading to their death
  • It potentially weakens the immune system
  • When combined with Vitamin C and E, it causes benzene- a known carcinogen to be formed.

In order to safeguard the ones who trust us with their lives, we at Biogetica, dumped certain manufacturers and brands for using sodium benzoate in the last couple of years. At that time, manufacturers and brands thought we were being excessive and said it’s completely legal globally and the data against Sodium Benzoate is questionable. However, questionable wasn’t good enough for Biogetica and we moved over to a patented encapsulation process that was preservative-free and still had a 2 year shelf life.

Today, the FSSAI in India has finally banned Sodium Benzoate, but it ain’t just Maggi. A whole lot of food product ranges consist of sodium benzoate and it  will take some time for the ban to kick-in. Meanwhile, the gripe water you buy for your baby may still be full of Sodium Benzoate and 3 other “questionable preservatives”…If you want info on truly pure alternatives… consult with our experienced panel of Doctors available 24/7 for your assistance at

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