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Emphysema can be categorized as a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease.

It leads to loss of elasticity of the lung tissue which gets dilated with air.



It is an irreversible state, but if diagnosed at an early stage, further progress of the disease can be arrested.

The main cause leading to development of Emphysema is Smoking. This causes irritation and inflammation of the tiny air sacs called alveoli.

Living in polluted environments for longer period of time also makes one susceptible to emphysema. Age and chronic asthma are pre-disposing factors to development of emphysema.

As per conventional medicine there is no cure for emphysema. However, herbal remedies help in improving the respiratory function in such cases.

They help in strengthening the tissues of the lungs and ensure proper supply of oxygen to all cells.

Anybody who has suffered from Emphysema should certainly consider using herbal products for improving the functioning of lungs and respiratory system as there is nothing to lose.

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