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Edema or water retention is something which goes unnoticed and is ignored by many until it leads to serious health problems. In many cases, it is an indication of a serious underlying disorder. The body is unable to flush out fluid from the body and so it accumulates in the body causing edema.

Cause of edema could be a local one like a lymphatic blockage or it could be something systemic like kidney failure.


There are times when water retention is considered normal like before periods and during pregnancy. In any case the cause needs to be investigated thoroughly.

Symptoms include pitting at the site when pressure is applied with the thumb. The affected portion appears swollen, shiny and is extremely painful to slightest touch.

Drug treatment includes administration of diuretics in case of severe edema.

Intake of fluids should be restricted along with salt. Sleeping with feet elevated with the aid of pillow also helps reduce the swelling.

There are many natural products like barley which have diuretic properties. These herbal products are relatively safe and can help to address the condition in a natural and safe manner

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