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Who amongst us would like to spend precious time early in the morning in the rest room waiting for our bowels to move? But yet we have to go through this ordeal quit often due to Constipation.

It is an extremely common disorder of the digestive system affecting millions of people across the world. It results in hard feces which are difficult to expel. It requires a lot of straining and also bleeding at times.

Causes of constipation are usually dietary habits and faulty lifestyles. Lack of sufficient fluid intake also causes constipation. It can be also be caused by certain medications like iron supplements.

Though not considered as a major medical illness, it is quite debilitating for the person who suffers from it. It is something they got to live with on a daily basis.

There are various treatments available for constipation. The aim of treatment should be to get the bowels moving regularly and with ease.

Natural herbs provide the best solution in such cases. They are highly effective and also not habit forming.

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