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Herbs such as Cyperus rotundus, Symplocos racemosa, Ficus bengalensis, Mangifera indica- bark, Shalmolia Malabarica are traditionally believed to be very effective to soothe the inflammation of colon, heal the ulcers and check the bleeding. If taken for 30 days, these herbs will give you a long term relief from an outbreak of ulcerative colitis. Cyperus […]

Colitis Diet Recommendation

According to ayurvedic principles colitis (adoga raktapitta or Raktatisara) is caused due to excess or aggravated PITTA (body fire). Ulcerative colitis being a pitta predominant disease, therefore, care should be taken to calm the pitta by diet and lifestyle modification.


Colitis is one disorder which is always confused with other disorders like Crohn’s and Irritable bowel syndrome. Colitis in simple terms means inflammation of the membrane lining the colon. Causes could be varied and manifestations differ from person to person.