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Allergy in simple terms means an abnormal reaction of the body to a substance which it is exposed to. It indicates a strong aversion or dislike to that particular substance called as allergen. The immune system considers this allergen as foreign to the body and in an attempt to protect the body starts to eradicate it. It produces antibodies which help in fighting the allergen.



An allergen could either be inhaled, ingested, injected or may just come in contact with the skin.
Allergies could also be seasonal which are caused due to changes in weather and atmosphere.
Allergies are usually harmless but they vary in intensity which can be very scary.

The best way to treat allergy is to avoid the allergen, but that is not possible always because the allergen is not known in most cases.
Therefore, the better way to treat allergy is to coax the immune system into optimal functioning. It has to be taught to identify between harmful and harmless substances and also not to overreact. This can be done by using natural remedies which cure allergy without causing any side effects. These herbal products are very efficient in reducing the symptoms of an acute episode and also any future episodes.

Our Range of Natural Remedies for Allergy

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