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Can alcoholism be called a disease? This is a highly debatable issue. Well, because there is no defined standard for what can be called as social drinking and what falls into alcohol addiction.
There are different reasons why people drink. In most cases it starts at an early age due to peer pressure and just for the thrill of it. Most individuals do not realize when they start getting dependant on it. Moreover, they are not aware of the health risks associated with it because these do not show up immediately. It’s after some years of regular alcohol consumption that the liver and digestive system get affected and show malfunction.
There are many who want to give up, but are not quite successful in doing so. It needs a lot of determination and will power to do so.
Alcoholics anonymous (AA) is doing a wonderful job in helping such individuals get rid of their addiction.
Herbal remedies are traditionally believed to support the nervous system. They help in curbing the craving for alcohol. These natural products may also prevent the need to go to a rehab center.
Let’s all share our experiences and help each other in getting rid of this addiction.

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