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About Acne

A permanent from acne sounds like a distant dream to most of the people who suffer from it. Acne is one problem that starts during teenage but does not have an end date to it. Acute flare ups can be extremely embarrassing and frustrating.



Most of the treatments aim at getting rid of the external eruptions, when the real culprit lies way beneath. Acne is an external manifestation of gross imbalance at the hormonal level. This leads to excessive production of sebum which gets accumulated in the sebaceous gland. When this gets infected it leads to inflammation and pain. So, unless the root cause is not eliminated these superficial manifestations do not get eliminated. Other factors contributing to acne are an imbalanced diet, lack of sleep, extreme weather conditions and stress. So, whenever we think of Acne cure it should mean permanent relief from within and this can be possible only with herbal products . It could be homoeopathic, ayurvedic, Chinese herbs or their combination. These herbs gently even out the internal imbalances to give you an acne free glowing skin. We would like to learn about your experiences in dealing with Acne? What treatments and diets have worked for you?

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