About Alcoholism

Alcoholism or alcohol dependence is medically defined as a pattern of drinking that is harmful to the individual. It may also refer to a compulsion to consume alcohol despite its negative effects. The frequency and quantity of alcohol consumption, in order to develop dependence, varies from person to person. It is a chronic and progressive disease, and can be fatal, if left untreated.

Men are more likely to have alcohol-related problems than women, although the gap is closing.

WHO estimates about 140 million people around the world suffer from alcohol dependence.

Alcohol is a cause in nearly 50% of all traffic accidents and deaths in the US.

Allopathic treatments for Alcoholism include Disulfiram, Naltrexone and Acamprosate. However these Allopathic treatments do not cure Alcoholism. They are merely a way of suppressing symptoms.

Causes of Alcoholism

There is no known physical cause that leads to alcohol abuse. Certain factors that contribute to alcoholism are as follows:

Cultural Factors: Patterns of alcohol consumption are considered to be a reflection of one's financial status. There is a close correlation between the consumption of alcohol and also the price of alcohol and income levels.

Often, people adopt this habit just to fit in with peers.

Having friends who drink regularly can promote excessive drinking.

Emotional Factors: People who are anxious or under a lot of stress are more prone to consuming alcohol, as it is said to temporarily release certain 'feel good' hormones in the body.

Psychological Factors: Those suffering from depression and poor self-esteem tend to acquire this habit very easily. It is said that alcohol alters the balance of certain chemicals within the brain that inhibit impulsiveness and excite the nervous system.

Addiction: Over a period of time, alcohol becomes an addiction. Alcohol raises the levels of dopamine in the brain, which gives the 'kick' or pleasurable effect associated with drinking. Long-term drinking, however, depletes the levels of these chemicals, making the body crave for alcohol to restore the 'good' feeling. Thus, it becomes a vicious cycle.

Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

Almost all people who suffer from alcohol abuse live in denial of it. They rarely accept that they have a problem that needs to be treated. They often drink when they are alone, and hide alcohol away from people's view, in order to not be found out.

Excessive drinking can lead to the following symptoms:
  • Loss of concentration
  • Irritability when unable to get a drink
  • Emotional problems with partners or other relationships
  • Inability to remember important schedules or events
  • Constantly thinking up various excuses to drink
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating and nervousness if not able to get a drink
Problems Caused Due to Alcoholism

Social Problems:

Social problems that ensue from alcoholism include absenteeism from work, unemployment, marital tensions, child abuse, financial difficulties and problems with the law, including violence and traffic offences.

Physical Problems:

Cardiovascular system - High blood pressure

Gastrointestinal system - Acidity; Inflammation of the pancreas; Poor absorption leading to deficiencies; Cancer

Liver - Inflammation; Fatty deposits; Cirrhosis; Cancer

Nervous system - Brain hemorrhage; Loss of memory; Premature degeneration

Respiratory system - Pneumonia; Tuberculosis

Endocrine system - Low blood sugar; Cushing's syndrome

Reproductive system - Infertility; Fetal alcohol syndrome

Skin - Acne; Erythema

Vitamin deficiencies - These occur due to an impoverished diet. The most common is Thiamine (B1) deficiency.

Direct toxic effects on the brain - There are periods of amnesia for events that occurred during bouts of intoxication.

Psychological Problems:

Depression - This is very common in alcoholism, and is usually a result of the numerous social problems that heavy drinking creates. Alcohol also acts like a direct depressant. Suicide and attempted suicide is more common in alcoholics.

Morbid Jealousy - This is a syndrome characterized by delusions of sexual infidelity. It is usually seen in alcoholics of sensitive or paranoid disposition, whose sexual relationship has deteriorated because of impotence or rejection by the partner.

Withdrawal Symptoms - These indicate physical dependence. The earliest manifestation is a subjective sensation of tension on waking in the morning. This may be accompanied by tremors. Another alcoholic drink relieves these symptoms, thus establishing a pattern of morning drinking.

Indirect Effects on Behavior - These can result from head injury or lowered blood sugar levels.

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